10 best hair metal albums of the 21st century, chosen by Crazy Lixx


Crazy Lixx, the reigning 21st century Swedish hair metal band, have been working on it for almost two decades, producing high octane glam that not only restores the anthemic, party vibe of the ’80s, but retools it for it. ‘it fits well into the modern era. While we are not asking you to give up your multi-platinum hair metal records that you have so dearly held for 30-40 years, it is time for you to give your ears something newer, which is why we invited guitarist and singer Danny Rexon to school. you in 10 stunning 21st century metallic hair albums.

Why ‘Hair Metal‘ you ask me? Well, even though it was probably used as a bit of a derogatory term at the time, it has become a very apt description for much of the hard rock music that I grew up with and loved when I was born. I was a child, poppy airs for the general public. from Def Leppard or Bon Jovi to the punks and shady things of Skid Row or Guns n ‘Roses.

If they have long hair and they play it on radio or MTV, that’s hair metal. That was basically the criteria for that when I was a kid. So naturally when you hear the term “Hair Metal” you think of the ’80s or early’ 90s, but how did the genre survive and be revived on this side of the millennium? Let’s find out!

Crazy Lixx’s new album, “Street Lethal”, is out November 5th on Frontiers Music SRL. Get your copy here and follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Crazy Lixx, “Rise Above” music video

10 stunning 21st century hair metal albums, chosen by Crazy Lixx

Swedish Crazy Lixx chooses the best of the best in modern hair metal.

Top 30 Metal Hair Albums


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