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3DGence launched a new series of Metal FFF industrial 3D printers at Formnext 2021. The new ELEMENT series (MP260 and MP350) are launched with two mid-size and compact printers, extending their INDUSTRY series of high-temperature thermoplastic printers.

“Over the past 2 years, Metal FFF technology has made significant progress as an affordable entry into prototyping and production of metal parts. The number of desktop systems capable of printing metal filaments on the open market has increased and current major industry players are experiencing steady growth despite the economic impact resulting from Covid-19. 3DGence is now entering the Metal FFF segment with mid-size and compact Metal FFF 3D printers to provide a solid and reliable option in the entry and mid-price segments – delivering industrial-grade quality at a scalable price point with our ELEMENT Series MDM printers,” said Sebastian Sczasny – Technology Portfolio Manager, MS Galleon / Group CEO, 3DGence.


The 3DGence ELEMENT series was launched with the MP260, a compact machine designed as a cost-effective prototyping printer for MIM production companies. The MP350 is a mid-size industrial metal printer that provides a complete printer, debonder and sinter station system. The ELEMENT MP260 will process two key materials, including 316L stainless steel. The MP260X version will also be offered at launch and will work with most sinterable filament materials used in current MIM technology. The printer is equipped with an improved extrusion system, an advanced hardened nozzle with a material detection system and a specially designed material bay. All of the above makes the 3DGence ELEMENT MP260 a strong support technology for today’s MIM processes.

“We based our technological solution on the experience of our MIM partners. First, printers must be reliable and easy to use. Raw materials are generally fragile and difficult to handle with standard extrusion systems. We developed and tested many different designs before finalizing a reliable and stable extrusion system. The MP260 has been specifically designed to help companies use MIM technology to bridge the gap in the prototyping phase. We understand the prototyping gap in the MIM environment – ​​and our ELEMENT series will cost-effectively fill this gap, enabling the productivity of the larger MIM investment,” said Krzysztof Wilk – CTO, 3DGence.


3DGence presented for the first time a new series of Metal FFF industrial 3D printers at Formnext 2021. The ELEMENT MP260 and the ELEMENT MP350

The 3DGence ELEMENT MP350 is a larger volume solution with advanced high throughput security features and a wider range of materials. More information will be released on the MP350 system in December 2021 – and the printer will be on display at Formnext 2021

“Our goal is to provide our industrial customers with industrial-grade Metal FFF technology that is accessible without compromising on expected quality. As the focus has recently shifted to our high temperature thermoplastic printers for sequential and robust printing in high performance materials like ULTEM and the PAEK range, we are now making the natural extension to high performance non-polymer materials. The new ELEMENT series has been specifically designed for this portfolio extension, as we believe there will be varying needs for metal, high temperature thermoplastic and composite parts – often side by side – depending on specific applications in key industries. Either way, the end goal is the same: to enable our users to produce high-quality end-use parts through a single, reliable platform that delivers consistent benefits,” said Ron Faruqui – CEO Americas, 3DGence.

The series will launch with the MP260 in December 2021, followed by the MP350 in Q1 2022. Pre-orders will open in January 2021.


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