Are you looking for a fast and safe loan to acquire through the internet? With the possibility of early settlements, immediate transfers, low interest rates, no commissions and other important features, Tinkerbell is the best option you have this 2018 to obtain fully transparent financing with few requirements.

The trajectory that Tinkerbell has on his back is absolute. Within Mexico City he has helped thousands of clients who needed to cover an emergency but did not have money in their hands. Thanks to this, Tinkerbell was able to gain popularity throughout the country, accumulating a large history of loans granted.

One question that many new customers ask themselves is this: Is Tinkerbell reliable? The answer is yes.

What is Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell is a website to be able to request safe and fast loans, with the intention of covering an economic emergency or taking some relaxing days. Compared to the traditional banks in the city, Tinkerbell personal loans are totally comfortable, as they are acquired through the internet. Leave aside the traditional application processes that cause you so much stress and choose what we are presenting to you today.

To acquire a credit in the financial, you only need to enter the official site, calculate it and then request it. Transparency is absolute, so there will be no small letters in the contract.

The application process lasts only 5 minutes and the amount is deposited instantly after being approved. If you compare what has been said with the procedure that is done in traditional banks, you will easily realize that it is better for you.

The financial company has a system so that you, as a client, can obtain an answer regarding the decision they made in less than fifteen minutes. Remember that if you accept the credit application, the selected amount is transferred to your bank account immediately.

Tinkerbell without burea exists. They do not require you to have an impeccable credit history, since they do not pay attention to it. However, if you have a bad behavior with them, they will report it to the Credit Bureau.

We emphasize the ease of acquiring a personal credit within the platform. There is no type of deceptive commissions to pay.

In case you want to acquire a loan, remember that you only need a cell phone number, identification and email. In addition there are other very basic requirements that you will see later.

Advantages of Tinkerbell

In Tinkerbell there are excellent advantages when you acquire a loan. Then we will show them one by one:

  • Security in the application. Tinkerbell will not reveal your personal information.
  • The interests are one of the lowest in the entire financial market.
  • There is no fine print on the loan contract, you can stay calm.
  • The transfer to your bank account is immediate.
  • The requirements to apply for the loan are very simple to comply with.
  • You do not need a payroll or any other type of endorsement to be able to acquire a loan in the finance company.
  • The amounts and terms are unique within Mexico.

Tinkerbell has some very competitive advantages in the market. Do not wait any longer! At the end of the article you will see different opinions about Tinkerbell made by clients about what has been said.

How does Tinkerbell work?

Tinkerbell without payroll has an incredible performance: The amounts and terms are amazing, the interests equal and finally, the requirements are very basic as we mentioned before.

Below we will show you information about how Tinkerbell works:

Amounts and terms

Remember that they are personal and quick to obtain, that is why the maximum amount available to select is 5,000 pesos. The term for the return of the same, varies between 14, 24 and 28 days; This is fixed. Once the loan is approved, the amount is transferred immediately.

Tinkerbell Simulator

When you enter the official site you will find a simulator that you use to calculate the interest and the total to pay, placing the term next to the amount you want for the loan.

Tinkerbell requirements

The time has come to visualize the basic requirements that the platform requests in order to offer you the loan. In addition to the requirements that you will see, remember that you need to have a mobile number and stable income:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Have the nationality in Mexico.
  • Have a bank account under your ownership.
  • Have a photograph of the credence (both sides and in color).

Is the information revealed?

No, as we have said before, the entity is responsible for not revealing your personal data without authorization. However, if there are late payments or services rendered it will be done without your permission.

What information should I provide?

You have to follow all the instructions that are in the system, to complete with the necessary information. The objective of the latter is to validate the credit and your bank account. There are no other requirements besides those taught recently. It is very important that the information is real.

How do I verify the phone number?

You have to color the cell phone number and click on Get Verification Code. Once you do this, you follow the instructions that appear in the system. Remember that this verification is completely mandatory.

Do I have to make a selfie?

That’s right, the selfie serves for certification. When you do it, you indicate that you are accepting and you know all the terms of the requested loan. This selfie must be with identification in hand: Your face and identification must be legible, remember.

How to request it?

After having all the requirements met, you have to request it online. Next we will teach you the steps that you must follow so that this action is exercised with total success:

  • Enter the official website. Use the simulator to know the interests and the total payment, placing the term and the amount.
  • Click on Request.
  • Complete the process with the data you request.
  • Verify your identity by taking a selfie.
  • If the application was approved, the amount is transferred immediately.

Interests of Tinkerbell

As we mentioned before, Tinkerbell loans have a very low interest rate.

Fixed interest rate always daily 1.59%. Annual interest rate without VAT 572.4%. For information and comparison purposes, the average CAT without VAT is 13862.73%. All this is calculated within a period of 21 days.

Below we will show you examples:

  • If you request a personal credit of 2000 pesos to pay in 14 days. The generated interest will be 516.43 pesos. The total you must pay when the term expires, will be 2516.43 pesos.
  • If you request a personal credit of 3000 pesos to pay in 21 days. The generated interest will be 1088.89 pesos. The total that you must pay when the term expires, will be 4088.89 pesos.
  • If you request a personal credit of 4000 pesos to pay in 21 days. The generated interest will be 1354.42 pesos. The total that you must pay when the term expires, will be 5354.42 pesos.
  • If you request a personal credit of 5000 pesos to pay in 28 days. The interest generated will be 1932.56 pesos. The total you must pay when the term expires, will be 6932.56 pesos.


Previously we mentioned that within Tinkerbell do not charge any commission.

Interest on arrears

  • Daily moratorium interest of is: 2.3%.
  • Amount of daily moratorium interest = Amount of unpaid credit = Daily interest on arrears.
  • Moratory interest amount = Daily moratorium interest amount = days due + VAT.

Return loan from Tinkerbell

How do I calculate the date?

Remember that it is always a day before the transfer of the Tinkerbell loan was made to your bank account. If you want more information about returning loan of Tinkerbell, we recommend you to enter the section My loan.

However, the entity will always send you notifications with the date that you have to pay the credit installment so you do not forget.

You can pay the loan in advance if you wish, there is no problem.

Are the expired rates calculated?

That’s right, and the form is this: Moratorium interest = late payment day * days.

What happens if the loan is expired?

If you do not pay the loan in a timely manner, it will be transformed into a loan that has already expired. What causes? It affects your credit history in a negative way.

Are there consequences if I have delays in the fees?

If you do not pay or the payments are totally overdue, the entity will begin to take legal action. All information related to this appears in the Credit contract.

If you do not comply with the contract, your personal data will be published and reported to the Credit Bureau. In addition to this last, you will not be able to request a credit again in the entity.

Is Tinkerbell reliable?

The answer is a yes. All customers who requested a certain amount of money in a short time guarantee how reliable the entity is.

However, at the end of the article you will be able to see opinions about Tinkerbell made by these clients.