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Alloyed will be exhibiting at booth B98 in Hall 12 at Formnext, which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, November 16-19. Following travel disruptions and restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic, this exhibition
represents the first large-scale event the company has participated in since its inception as a result of the merger of OxMet Technologies and Betatype.

Alloyed offers a unique and complementary set of technologies for the fabrication of advanced metal components by additive and traditional means. The company has developed and uses a proprietary calculation platform and advanced material modeling to find the right alloy composition for any application and process. Alloyed’s technologies in additive manufacturing deliver parts that perform better, faster, and at lower cost for a wide range of applications. The company’s turnkey solution provides technology at all scales, from alloy composition, materials engineering and part design to scale for series production.

Michael Holmes, MD at Alloyed said: “We are delighted to exhibit at Formnext this year. The merger of Betatype with Oxmet technologies to form Alloyed took place at the end of 2019, shortly after the last Formnext event. I look forward to being able to present the company’s proposal to a mass audience in Germany. The company has a compelling offering for optimizing advanced digital metal fabrication applications and is committed to further improving high performance components and processes for its customers. Joining the Alloys-By-Design brand with Betatype and a parts manufacturing facility – Alloyed Digital Manufacture (ADM) means we can offer our customers superior and custom alloy development, unprecedented levels of process control and advanced performance and expert metal additive manufacturing Production capabilities (AM) from application development to production. In this way, Alloyed offers its customers a
the range of expertise and additional services that optimize the production of metal parts through digital manufacturing.

The company’s new ABD rapid alloy design and optimization platform applies advanced physical data and models to simultaneously simulate the performance of millions of different potential alloys in a large space. This allows optimization across the range of performance, manufacturing and economic parameters relevant to any application. It can be used to choose the right alloy for an application, optimize an existing alloy, or design new custom alloy solutions. Simply put, it means better alloys, faster. The Betatype suite of additive technologies include Engine, a processing platform that uses laser voxel-by-voxel control to increase machine productivity and improve microstructural control, and Architect, an application design platform that takes full advantage of the wealth of data that this level of laser control entails.

The company also applies world-class expertise in multiscale simulation to model a full range of thermal and mechanical phenomena, including fatigue and other complex phenomena, as well as microstructural evolution during processing and post-processing. . This allows it to optimize both alloy and component design in light of a manufacturing process and manufacturing process parameters for a given material and performance requirement. To complement the digital metal fabrication process, Alloyed can also harness the full potential of AM through the production of physical metal parts. The company has a team with more than 50 years of collective experience in the manufacturing, design, process development and engineering of advanced and high volume materials. ADM offers state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing facilities designed to perform a wide range of metallic materials including titanium, aluminum, steel and nickel alloys. ADM can support application development and deliver production parts at increased scales.

Holmes concluded: “One of our collaborative partners TANIOBIS (Hall 11 Stand 19) is also exhibiting at Formnext. Our two companies complement each other extremely well in terms of mission and capabilities. TANIOBIS, now part of the JX Metals group, has more than 60 years of experience in high quality materials, powders and alloys based on tantalum and niobium, which form the basis of many products encountered in everyday life. Together, Alloyed and TANIOBIS are collaborating on the development and analysis of new titanium and refractory alloys that will further open the range of materials for AM. The alliance of the two companies enables a complete end-to-end solution for the materials development process, including material analysis and qualification, material production, and component design and performance. Alloyed and TANIOBIS are working on a wide range of projects, some with third parties, for a range of applications in the medical, aerospace and electric mobility sectors.


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