Apex Legends’ Battle Pass feat replaces Apex packs with crafting metals


Apex Legends has been one of the most played Royal Battles in the past month. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of being a popular free game is that many people will try to hack, cheat, and exploit the system in any way they can.

Players have found another achievement in the game, this time in the new Battle Pass. By making a small change to your location settings, the Battle Pass will allow you to craft metals instead of Mountain peak packages.

This feat was brought to light after a player posted a photo of his Battle Pass with the caption: “So apparently because I live in Belgium I don’t get packs but crafting material instead. ” Another editor responded saying that players could probably just switch regions to get those rewards instead. After some testing on PC and PS4, it is confirmed that if you change locations in Belgium you can get Crafting Metals instead of Packs.

This isn’t the first time gamers have found exploits to get free content from Apex Legends. Many players were able to use coding in the game’s advanced launch options to unlock exclusive items for Twitch Prime subscribers, as well as the Origin Access Subscriber Pack.

The latter was a pretty awkward workaround for Respawn, as the pack gives people a free 1,000. Mountain peak coins, which could have been used to purchase the first Battle Pass for free. Many people also blame this feat for the delayed release of the pass. Now that this crafting material feat has grown so popular, expect Respawn to fix it very soon.


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