BEAMIT now offers the 2024 RAM2C aluminum material via metal additive manufacturing services


RAY added Al2024 RAM2C aluminum alloy to its metal additive manufacturing services to support customers in the motorsport, automotive and aerospace markets.

Produced via a process parameterized in BEAMIT, the Al2024 RAM2C aluminum alloy from 3d elementum is said to be strong, lightweight, and performs better at ambient and high temperatures compared to other alloys currently in use, according to BEAMIT. Such characteristics, according to the company, make the material suitable for parts close to vehicle engines, such as the suspension and structural components of the powertrain.

Aluminum 2024 is commonly used for structural parts in the aforementioned industries, but BEAMIT hopes to open “new horizons for the future of design” with additive manufacturing, producing products that are lighter, more efficient and reduce fuel consumption. energy and costs.

“Our priority is to offer customers advanced materials and processes so that they can transfer these innovations directly and effortlessly to their products,” commented Mauro Antolotti, President of the BEAMIT Group. “This constantly evolving development is an integral part of our Group’s long-term strategies and is supported by a strong and well-organized team, focused on achieving even more competitive results.

Typically, Aluminum 2024 has been difficult to process through additive manufacturing due to its composition, but Elementum 3D’s patented RAM additions and a bespoke heat treatment cycle are believed to address these issues. By applying the tailor-made heat treatment to the Al2024 material, BEAMIT claims that it is able to “find reproducible stable processes and ensure maximum performance”. The company is now working on the configuration of the high pressure heat treatment process in collaboration with its post-treatment subsidiary PRES-X.

“Alloy 2024 perfectly embodies what we mean when we talk about the integrated development of the additive process,” said Andrea Scanavini, CEO of the BEAMIT group. “This was made possible by a multidisciplinary research group and access to unique machines to study and apply high-level precision processes in order to obtain a result as we did in this case, which we can saying safe is decidedly extraordinary. “

BEAMIT has focused this year on expanding its additive manufacturing materials offering with the backing of Sandvik, which acquired a 30% stake in the company in 2019. Together, they co-launched in April the Osprey 2507 super-duplex in stainless steel which has opened up opportunities in the maritime sector. BEAMIT spoke to TCT in the latest issue of TCT Magazine, where Scanavini presented the company’s ambitions and offered an overview of the series of acquisitions it has made over the past 18 months.

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