Outdoor tourism is becoming more and more popular. The camper combines discovery to suit your desires with the friendly side. Beyond the traditional sites of welcome, the motor-campers can make free stage with vine growers, craftsmen and producers.

A beautiful way of traveling that puts in their place the true human values. Investing in a camper is a pleasure, but also an important decision that requires some time for reflection. The expenditure devoted to the purchase of this recreational vehicle is substantial and contracting a motorhome credit is proving to be a great help. This personal loan is specially designed to allow you to roam the roads freely on board your motorhome.

It will make you benefit from a fixed annual effective rate of interest depending on the amount borrowed and the chosen repayment period. The motorhome credit offers the opportunity to acquire a new vehicle or a used vehicle.

Depending on your project, you need between 20,000 euros and 60,000 euros for a new acquisition. A not insignificant starting cost certainly, but which will be quickly profitable in view of the tariffs of the accommodation and the nights of hotels for the more traditional stays.

The advantages of the motorhome loan

The financial organizations have understood the extent of the phenomenon of traveling holidays and accompany you in the acquisition of your new motorhome thanks to the motorhome loan. You can already study your project directly online and in complete confidentiality or seek the help of specialized advisers who will answer you quickly on the Internet .

The credit simulator will allow you to obtain all the necessary information of your credit in terms of fixed monthly payments, fixed rate and total cost of credit. By applying online for credit, you will get a first answer in principle.

Listening to your expectations, credit institutions imagine financing solutions with benefits that will allow you to protect your motorhome for the long term and ride in peace.

The motorhome credit adapts to the evolution of your situation and you can very well prepay your loan totally or partially without any penalty, according to the law. You are free to adapt your monthly payment to the evolution of your personal situation.

The repayment terms are flexible, the benefits of guarantees and tailor-made insurance actually cover your vehicle. The motorhome credit is truly a tailor-made financing that ideally fits your own budget. The range of funding that abounds on the web is fully adapted to the use of your vehicle. You will find necessarily the campervan credit that suits you.

Some useful information on the camping car credit

Before you embark on the adventure, it is imperative to ask you the right questions about the use of your future recreational vehicle:

  • how many people will have to travel in your motorhome?
  • How many trips do you plan per year?
  • When will you travel?
  • Set your priorities. Do you prefer to favor the comfort, the motorization, the size, the environment?
  • Would you like a removable cell? Some models have a living area that can be separated from the wearer.
  • Do you have a parking space or should you rent one?

These are all the answers that will allow you to direct your needs and your purchase towards the vehicle that will suit you the most. In the same way as a car or a motorcycle, it is essential to carefully compare the offers and make the competition work.

By having a precise vision of the motorhome of your dreams, you will be able to choose the right loan and save thousands of euros. Some credit companies treat these loans as a car loan, others as a conventional personal loan . In both cases, the rate of the camper credit can vary from 2.90% to 9%.