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music icon Dee Snider released a moving and heartfelt music video for their new single “Stand,” featuring images from America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List documentary. New album leave a scar is now available via Napalm discs.

To buy leave a scar here:

Legendary heavy metal singer Dee Snider was recently interviewed as part of a powerful new documentary from REELZ detailing the aftermath of one of the most horrific tragedies in music history, The Station nightclub fire, titled America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List.

The documentaries soundtrack features one of the most heartfelt and moving songs from Deethe last album of, leave a scartitled “Booth”.

Today, in honor of the lives lost, Dee Snider and The guest list director/producer David Bellin proudly unveil a brand new music video for ‘Stand’, featuring unforgettable footage from the documentary itself.

Dee Snider says about the ‘Stand’ clip:
“Although I didn’t write ‘Stand’ for the documentary about The Station nightclub fire, America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest Listit’s a perfect fit.

The complete tragedy of that horrible night was the despicable lack of support shown for a community in desperate need. “Stand” is a testament to how important it is for all of us to acknowledge these moments of despair and do something about them. ‘Don’t leave your mark…leave a scar.

REELZ Original Documentary America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List premiered on Sunday, February 20, featuring the deeply personal stories of lives forever altered by the tragic Station nightclub fire that left 100 dead, more than 200 injured, and devastated the tight-knit community of West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Dee Snider performed at The Station nightclub several times throughout his career and was instrumental in bringing fellow recording artists together for a fundraising concert for survivors and families of victims.

Dee Snider adds:
“No one should have to die because they want to see a band and listen to the music they love. No one should be scarred for life, crippled or have their children orphaned because of their love for rock n’ roll. This documentary not only serves as a reminder of this incredible tragedy, but it shines a light on an incredible group of people who overcame unfathomable loss and survived and even thrived afterward.

Dee Sniderthe last album of, leave a scaris an illuminating fullness of time-etched angst, serving as a musical refuge and expressive outlet for Dee. But in turn, this auditory time capsule, written to express anger, unease and pain, comes across as not only overwhelmingly heavy, but also relentlessly powerful.

Each of the 12 tracks on leave a scar not only further strengthen Dee Snider‘s as one of the most famous frontmen of all time, showing that his vocal delivery and authoritative swagger are stronger than ever, but are far from stopping.

Leave A Scar Track List:

1) I have to rock (again)
2) All or nothing more
3) Down but never out
4) Before leaving
5) Open season
6) Silent Battles
7) Cry for your life
8) In To Kill Him
9) It’s time to choose
10) SHE
11) Judgment
12) Stand tall

Dee Snider composition of the group:
Dee Snider – Vocals
Charlie Bellmore – Guitar and background vocals
Nick Bellmore – Drums
Russell Pzütto – Bass and backing vocals
Nick Petrino – Guitar and background vocals

Dee Snider in line:


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