Entropy: Exclusive Preview of Heavy Metal’s First Crossover Event Comic


Major crossover events have long been the bread and butter of superhero comic book publishers like Marvel and DC. In fact, both companies are gearing up for some major crossovers this summer, including Marvel’s Avengers/X-Men/Eternals Judgment Day crossover and DC’s Dark Crisis. But now, readers can look forward to a big event from the last publisher one might have expected – Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal is launching a new limited series in July called Entropy, written by Christopher Priest (Deathstroke) and drawn by newcomer Montos. This series will feature the Herald of Kako, the main nemesis of Heavy Metal icon Taarna.

Check out the slideshow gallery below for an exclusive first look at Entropy #1 and the next big step for Heavy Metal:

Entropy #1: Exclusive Comic Book Preview

Kako is a divine being who exists as “the living embodiment of chaos and misery”. This series will not only focus on Kako himself, but also his newest herald, a human named Henry Hanks. After Henry betrays Kako, his punishment is to be killed and resurrected as a servant of this unholy evil.

Heavy Metal presents this series as a mix of Breaking Bad and Green Lantern. In fact, the influence of Breaking Bad is strong enough that each issue features a Breaking Bad tribute variant cover from GI Joe: Antonio Fuso from Cobra.

Look for Entropy #1 in stores July 6, 2022. Priest will also be at Heavy Metal’s WonderCon panel this weekend, where he’ll shed more light on how Entropy will reshape the Heavy Metal line.

In related news, Priest has also been tapped to write a Black Adam ongoing series in DC, which will establish a “radically different” status quo for the ruler of Khandaq.

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