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The Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger called The Red Judge’s Aspect is one of the most elusive bosses in the game who prefers to fight you from a distance. You’ll need to be on your feet and stay aware of her tricks and projectiles to be able to follow her. This guide will teach you how to defeat the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger.

How to defeat Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger?

You need environmental awareness to defeat Stygia’s second Hell Boss due to its constant barrage of projectiles. This boss will occasionally summon henchmen in the middle of combat to harass you after you damage her enough. His projectiles will become faster and more aggressive as the fight progresses.

Luckily, throughout the fight, the circular gladiator arena you fight in has pillars you can hide behind. Although you probably don’t need it if you can keep moving in a circle around the boss. And with the new weapon you picked up in Stygia, you’ll have enough in your arsenal to take down this boss for good.

The most important aspect to use if your side dash. The Judge’s Aspect boss will summon fireballs in your path that will stop in mid-air for a second before focusing on you. You’ll also need to steer clear of certain sections of the Inferno Boss Arena as they will turn blue before being electrified taking a good chunk of your health.

The best weapons to use are the ones you discover in this level. Hounds are dual revolvers which are exactly what we need to drain this boss’ health from a distance. Remember to shoot to the beat and time your hits to the heavy metal in the background.

There is a Fury Boost on one of the platforms away from the main arena that you can pick up, but we recommend saving it for later during the last half of the Stygia Hell Boss fight in Metal Hellsinger when the aspect of the judge is really starting to get aggressive.

Stygia Hell Boss Attacks

The Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger has many projectile attacks that she uses on you. Your options are to jump or get out of the way.

  • Ground Lightning: The boss summons electricity from the ground. It won’t damage you immediately, but once you notice the blue light from the ground, immediately shoot or jump out of the way.
  • Flame Beam: The Boss extends its wings and fires a beam of fire directly at you from the ground. It’s a very telegraphed attack so you can easily dodge it.
  • Fireball Barrage: Boss releases fireballs lined up in a row in your direction. You will have to jump to avoid them or stay low and dash depending on their height.
  • Summon Goons: Once the Aspect of the Judge boss takes enough damage, she summons her minions to distract you while she retreats into the transparent, untouchable air.
  • Goon Rain: The boss spreads its wings and rains down minions on the ground, damaging you.

The hardest attack to deal with the inferno boss Stygia in Metal Hellsinger is his Fireball Barrage. Sure, it’ll be a walk in the park to dodge at first, but once his health drops below 70%, this attack will turn the arena into hell. You’ll have a hard time dodging if his minions are still around, so be sure to focus on them first.

On harder difficulties, the Judge Aspect will summon more skilled minions to deal with you. While this may sound like a pain, it can actually be turned to your advantage by using them as multipliers.

Stygia Hell Boss Attacks

Once you learn the pattern of his attacks, defeating the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger becomes routine work. You’ll be able to easily dodge most of his attacks, except for the fireball barrage mentioned above.

Stygia Hell Boss Rewards in Metal Hellsinger

Here are the rewards for defeating the Judge’s Stygia Hell Aspect Boss in Metal Hellsinger:

  • Yhelm level
  • Giant Slayer: I
  • Deceptive Weapon: I
  • Relic Thief III
  • Faster ultimate streak bonus

With the Faster Ultimate Streak Boon, you can essentially activate your Ultimate with any weapon sooner by filling its bar faster. Although you need to be at Hit Streak 14 before you can activate it.

Stygia Hell Boss Rewards

This is how to defeat the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger. We hope this article has been informative for you. If you need more Metal Hellsinger content, you can always stick with us.

If this boss’s metal song is something that makes your head spin, then our All Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: Complete List of Songs and Artists will show you the full list of soundtracks so you can listen to them without having to eliminate the demonic hordes.

Watch this Youtube video of BloodShot9001 setting a world record against the Styria Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger. Do you think you can beat their score?

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Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories.

Brace yourself: the Fed is about to inflict “some pain” with a 75 basis point rate hike. Here’s how to prepare your wallet and wallet.

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Mortgage applications rise for first time in six weeks, despite rates hitting 6.25%, signaling ‘volatility’ in housing market

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Metal Guitarist Taylor Washington Duplicates Paladin and Theocracy https://21stcenturymetal.net/metal-guitarist-taylor-washington-duplicates-paladin-and-theocracy/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 04:23:20 +0000 https://21stcenturymetal.net/metal-guitarist-taylor-washington-duplicates-paladin-and-theocracy/

For the uninitiated music consumer, listening to a diehard metalhead discuss the seemingly endless array of metal subgenres can be a confusing tale to follow – much like hearing a sommelier talk at length about subtle variations in different wine blends. . But power metal is a unique beast for the sheer luminosity of its tone and subject matter. While many metal bands are mired in demonic darkness, power metal embraces the dawn that rises on the horizon and euphorically flies towards the light. This fundamental essence is on full display in Paladin’s music, where electrified classical guitar passages burst through the eardrums in tandem with sweeping cascades of melodic, falsetto-heavy choruses. It’s an explosive sound, sure, but one that rewards the curious listener with joyful, vital energy.

Paladin eventually signed with Prosthetic Records after being recommended to the label by former Fozzy bassist Randy Drake. “We had a few [record labels] who were interested,” Washington says. “But we really wanted to work with Prosthetic because it seemed like it would be the best fit for us. They’re a good-sized label and they’ve released some really successful albums. They’ve spawned a bunch of bigger band careers .

Paladin is (left to right) guitarist Alex Parra, bassist Andy McGraw, drummer Nathan McKinney and vocalist/guitarist Taylor Washington.

Credit: Courtesy of Paladin

Credit: Courtesy of Paladin

Paladin is (left to right) guitarist Alex Parra, bassist Andy McGraw, drummer Nathan McKinney and vocalist/guitarist Taylor Washington.

Credit: Courtesy of Paladin

Credit: Courtesy of Paladin

Friday’s performance at Boggs Social & Supply offers Paladin the opportunity to rekindle the momentum of his career which, like so many others, has entered an endless hiatus with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID has left a void of two or three years in my memory,” he laments.

More exciting for Washington, however, is his unveiling as a full-time member of Theocracy, another Georgia-based power-metal band with overtly Christian themes that has generated considerable buzz in recent years. “Mast [Smith, vocals] originally asked me to see if I would be interested in writing and recording all the solos for their next album,” Washington explains. The positive results of the recording project led to Washington becoming a true member of the band. He had previously filled in on bass with Theocracy for a handful of European tour dates.

Paladin found himself lumped in with theocracy, given the spiritual symbolism present in many of Washington’s lyrics. Nonetheless, he quickly disproves the idea that Paladin is a Christian band. “We’re not a religious group at all, but with some of the content and phrasing that I use, I really see how that might sound,” he says.

Despite the career setback from COVID-19, Washington is hopeful for the future and excited about the upcoming gig. “I’m excited,” he said. “Also very nervous because I have to play not just Paladin, but turn around and play a full set with Theocracy. This will be my first time playing with them on guitar.

Washington’s affable nature suggests that what he calls nervousness can be more accurately attributed to good-humored humility. His already documented electric guitar skills are more than proof that he can handle the demands of two top gigs.

Logo ArtsATL

1 credit

Logo ArtsATL

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Logo ArtsATL

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ArtsATL (www.artsatl.org), is a non-profit organization that plays a vital role in educating and informing the public about the arts and culture of the metro Atlanta area. Founded in 2009, ArtsATL’s goal is to help build a sustainable arts community contributing to the economic and cultural health of the city.

If you have any questions about this or other partnerships, please contact Senior Director of Partnerships Nicole Williams at nicole.williams@ajc.com.

New advances for the use of lithium metal batteries in electric vehicles https://21stcenturymetal.net/new-advances-for-the-use-of-lithium-metal-batteries-in-electric-vehicles/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 11:15:59 +0000 https://21stcenturymetal.net/new-advances-for-the-use-of-lithium-metal-batteries-in-electric-vehicles/

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University successfully demonstrated a damage-free method that allows lithium metal batteries to be used in electric vehicles.

They found that electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is a powerful, non-destructive tool for studying the degradation processes of solid-state lithium metal batteries. The study precisely identifies the interface responsible for the drop in battery performance.

This new discovery makes it possible to create a new generation of electric vehicles, overcoming previous engineering problems that prevented the use of lithium metal batteries.

The role of metallic LI batteries in electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are a key advance in reducing carbon emissions, with their most crucial component being the battery.

Using lithium metal batteries in electric vehicles would maximize their potential. They may provide higher energy density, safety and less complexity, but technical issues conceal their chances of becoming the most common type of vehicle.

The biggest problem is the large interfacial resistance between the electrodes and the solid electrolytes. Both materials are composed of fragile ceramics, which leads to a lack of good contact between them. Scientists are struggling to identify which interface is causing the problem.

Studying the degradation process of lithium metal batteries is also a challenge. The process requires opening them, making it impossible to know what’s going on while the battery is still in working order.

How does EIS overcome these technical issues?

The team developed solid-state batteries with lower interfacial resistance through a technique called aerosol deposition, where microscopic pieces of cathode material are accelerated toward a layer of ceramic electrolyte material, colliding and forming a dense layer.

To overcome the problem of cracks forming during the collision, the team coated the pieces of cathode material with a “solder” material, i.e. a softer material with a low melting point. which can be heat treated to generate excellent contact between the newly formed cathode and electrolyte.

The results show that the lithium metal batteries retain a high capacity retention of 87% after thirty cycles. The researchers say this is the best result for lithium metal batteries with ceramic oxide electrolytes and is a crucial development in understanding how they might degrade.

The researchers then used EIS to interpret how lithium metal batteries respond to electrical signals of different frequencies. This allowed them to separate the resistance of the different battery interfaces and they discovered that the increase between the cathode material and the solder was the main reason for the cell’s capacity degradation.

Because they were able to identify this without opening the battery, the researchers identified a harmless and widely available method. This promises exciting new advances towards the use of lithium metal batteries in the next generation of electric vehicles.

Interview with bass-drum duo Greber: Metal-Rules.com https://21stcenturymetal.net/interview-with-bass-drum-duo-greber-metal-rules-com/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 00:06:27 +0000 https://21stcenturymetal.net/interview-with-bass-drum-duo-greber-metal-rules-com/

Here is a new video interview with the Canadian duo GREBER:

GreberHenry Miller wrote down one of life’s great truths when he said, “All growth is a leap into the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.

Such a quote could describe bass and drum duo Greber, except along with past and present members of Fuck the Facts and The Great Sabatini, they have a wealth of experience to bring to the table. Inspired by the really big bands like Neurosis and Propaghandi, but inspired not to slavishly imitate what they’ve already created, but to forge their own sound, to blaze new trails. Look at the world around us and accurately reflect what they see; as if holding up a mirror to the darkness in hopes of reflecting a glimmer of light.

They have truly looked into the abyss and put to music what they see there; their music has enormous depth and they have none of the limitations that plague so many bands. They really are their own beast and they really have their own sound.

Since forming in 2008, Greber has released three well-received full albums, four 7-inch split singles, a split cassette with Minors and a 4-track split LP with Cell Press, Anthesis and Botfly as well as countless shows across the East. from Canada.

As if morphing into a single entity, drummer Steve Vargas and bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon made Greber a single entity, something as important to the duo as food and air.

Now in 2022, Greber will release his new album ‘Fright Without’, with a collaboration between Ancient Temple / Nofuneral (Canada) (Vinyl, CD, Cassette), Hibernation Release (USA) (Vinyl), 7 Degrees / Fresh Outbreak (Europe) (Vinyl) with digital download direct from the band.

“For this record, I (Marc) would put some ideas into a skeletal structure via computer demos and then send them to Steve for him to work out general ideas. From there, we just kicked the Christ out of them in our jam space and they’ve transformed accordingly. I’m always excited to hear how Steve perceives the things I bring to the table. It’s never how I hear it in my head and I couldn’t no happier with how we’ve evolved together over the years. It’s easy to take it for granted, but it’s something I cherish with all my heart and love the dude to no end.

A big difference between Fright Without and our last record, Cemetery Preston, was that there were far fewer revisions. I could all too easily drive myself crazy with the “make the song better” process and found that over time it was way too stressful and I couldn’t deal with that level anymore. Maybe if there had been clear and qualitative progress made visible by the madness, I would have had a harder time with the divorce, but I love what we did with this record and I’m glad that we have changed our approach.

Fright Without is a handleless staircase that disorients as much as it upsets. Our testament to suffering and hope, to balance and misfortune, in heaven and here. With Kurt Ballou lending his abilities to the mix, we’re more than happy with how the final product sounded and hope the listener finds it to be as much about escapism as it is about confrontation. – GREBER

“Fright Without” is set to be released on September 9, 2022.

(bio written by Steve Earles)

Greber is:
Steve Vargas – Drums, Vocals, Lights
Marc Bourgon – Bass, Vocals

Composition of the album group:
Steve Vargas – Drums, Vocals
Marc Bourgon – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Keegan – Voice and Lyrics on Fabricated Purpose
Scott Miller – Voice and Noise on Bitchin’ Shades
Mathieu Vilandre – Guitar on Larkinitis
Kàrhozat – Noise in dark corners
Sean Pearson – Noise on Fistful of Cancon Dollars

Shared the stage with:
Yautja, Wake, The Great Sabatini, Alaskan, Homewrecker, Malevich, Meek is Murder, Enabler

Steve Vargas (drums, vocals) backed by Los Cabos Drumsticks
Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) supported by Egan Bass Guitars

2010 – Hometown Heroine – LP
2012 – Split 7” with Proletar
2013 – Split 7” with Hiroshima Vacation
2014 – Kiln-hardened Psalms – LP
2016 – Split 7” with Anthèse
2018 – Preston Cemetery – LP
2018 – Split 7” with The Mighty Megalodon
2019 – Split Cassette with Minors
2021 – LP split into 4 tracks with Cell Press, Anthesis and Botfly
2022 – Fright Without – LP

Facebook.com/grebermetal | Instagram.com/grebermetal

Greber.bandcamp.com | Greber.bigcartel.com

The 5 Best New Age Metal Bands From Finland, Chosen By Wolfheart https://21stcenturymetal.net/the-5-best-new-age-metal-bands-from-finland-chosen-by-wolfheart/ Thu, 15 Sep 2022 19:40:03 +0000 https://21stcenturymetal.net/the-5-best-new-age-metal-bands-from-finland-chosen-by-wolfheart/

Here are Finland’s five best new metal bands, as chosen by Wolfheart guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen.

Finland is a notorious hotbed of heavy metal and has been for decades with fans often describing it as the most heavy metal country on the planet. Home to icons such as Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, Sentenced, Apocalyptica, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, HIM, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Swallow the Sun, Impaled Nazarene… and many more, this is the oasis head bangers.

When it comes to the new generation of Finnish artists, melodic death metal unit Wolfheart is among the most exciting. In less than a decade as a band, they’ve produced six full-length albums, the latest being king in the northproving to be one of the most reliable young artists in their respective genre.

king in the north leans towards the more visceral element of melodic death metal – less whimsical fanfare when it comes to melodic expression and instead it’s served up with blackened undertones and sinister atmospheres. Get a taste by watching the music video for “Ancestor” (featuring Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach) directly below.

Further down the page, check out Saukkonen’s top five new Finnish metal bands.

Editor’s note: The group “new age” is defined here as the first full official album released in 2010 or later.

Get your copy of Wolfheart’s “King of the North” album here (out September 16th on Napalm Records) and follow the band on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Spotify.

Wolfheart, “Ancestor” (with Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach)

  • blood red hourglass

    Bloodred Hourglass is probably the brightest new rising star on the Finnish metal scene and certainly one of the strongest live bands. Modern melodic death metal with a strong Nordic touch. Hopefully they can unleash their Finnish storm on international stages now that the industry is getting back on its feet.

  • Atlas

    The band describes their music as “northcore”, which is pretty accurate since the music is a super cool combination of metalcore, djent, post rock and Scandinavian vibes. They have opened for Finland several times and are killers on stage. They also do all of their music videos, and visually everything they upload is stunning.

  • Wheel

    Wheel’s music is like Tool’s heavier little brother. They are beasts on stage, they have already been able to tour Europe and will soon be hitting the road in North America in support of Apocalyptica. Haunting voice and top-notch musicality. Don’t miss them if they come to your city.

  • Brymir

    The northernmost of the five groups and also the most epic. If I ever needed to get into a fight, I would surely put on one of their songs. A perfect mix of cold but epic melodies and furious blast beats. Their first full European tour is in a few weeks, supporting the mighty Finntroll, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ripples created by their music soon turn into waves.

  • flaming horizon

    Here is the youngest and freshest of the five. Horizon Ignited has just been signed by the management of Nuclear Blast and Hard Impact. Many doors are open for these young killers and soon, as they begin a tour in support of Hypocrisy in Europe, it will be like a steel boot opening that door even more. Featuring one of the finest singers in the Finnish metal scene and songs that would make Soilwork jealous.

Everything you need to know about mobile banking apps with metal cards https://21stcenturymetal.net/everything-you-need-to-know-about-mobile-banking-apps-with-metal-cards/ Thu, 15 Sep 2022 10:06:00 +0000 https://21stcenturymetal.net/everything-you-need-to-know-about-mobile-banking-apps-with-metal-cards/

Now that metal credit cards are available for many levels of credit scores and income, it is essential to know the accounts that come with them. Read on and learn the basics of metal cards and which banks offer metal credit cards.

These payment cards are available in brushed stainless steel, gold, platinum, brass and copper and can be personalized. There are some with diamonds embedded in others that are a combination of metal and plastic; A symbol of low status for some, these materials ensure that the charging piece is both flexible and simple.

The metal card of course performs the same, if not better, than the plastic equivalents when it comes to making transactions. It is simply made of a heavier variety of metallic materials and available to a limited group of cardholders.

Holding metal cards definitely gains style and status points. The increased weight and sturdiness immediately catches the eye of those who see it being used to pay for items; ultimately there is not much difference between metal credit cards and conventional plastic cards.

Metal credit cards cannot be shredded like their plastic counterparts. Trying to run a metal piece through a shredder won’t be an easy task, unlike more fragile plastic. It is often wiser to refrain from attempting to destroy the card. Instead, customers should call their mobile bank and request a prepaid return envelope to send the item back to their issuer; There he will be disposed of appropriately.