It is another of the companies that are offering free online loans to new customers and from which we can take advantage, to ask for money and not pay any kind of expense. Gandalf is willing to leave us up to € 1000 on a first loan , a figure that can solve more than one problem and result in a good advance of the payroll.

They do not charge interest, management fees or commissions and the operation is very transparent. So I recommend it.

  • They will give us an answer to our request in 10 minutes.
  • There is no small print or hidden costs, at all times you will see what the loan costs you before asking for it.
  • In addition to accessing the immediate credit of up to € 1000, you will progressively increase the limit and you can request up to € 3,000.

Microcredit from Garyjoy Bank

You have at your disposal a first free loan of € 300 that is only for new customers . After returning it, you can request up to 700 euros.

  • Up to € 300 free on your first loan.
  • You have between 5 and 45 days to pay it.
  • You must be between 25 and 30 years old.
  • They do not accept clients with debts in Phineas.

Your first free micro loan, with Iron Bank

With Iron Bank you can request a first free loan of up to € 300, to which no interest or commissions are applied, and therefore if it can be said that it will be free for you. To apply, you must be Spanish or have Spanish residence and be over 18 years of age.

I assure you that there is nothing of small print or hidden things. If you return the loan in the maximum time of 30 days, you get it totally free. And also, once you have returned the money, the company extends the credit you can request again, and can reach up to € 900 in successive applications.

  • Up to € 300 free, on your first loan .
  • You can ask for up to 900 euros (2nd loan).
  • The concession time is only 15 minutes.
  • You must return it in a maximum of 30 days.

It is as easy as entering your personal information on your website so that your staff can check them, and in just 15 minutes, you can have the money in your checking account.

Something that I can not stop commenting is the “friend plan” of Iron Bank. With which you can earn up to € 30 if you invite a friend to request a loan with them, so if you are already a customer, recommend your services to your friends, and you can earn good money (maximum 3 friends and € 90 per customer) .

Your first free mini-loan, with Crossgrive

They want to revolutionize the financial market of online credit and are offering their free micro-loans for new clients , with some very advantageous news. Best of all, they are able to send you the money in just 8 minutes, and without the need to do excessive paperwork or have to send a lot of documentation. They are also the only ones who offer to send you the money through a transfer or hand it over, with a maximum of € 500 in cash.

  • You do not need to do complex paperwork, or provide extra documentation.
  • The first loan of € 300 is free .
  • In less than 8 minutes verify your identity and validate your request.
  • You have a maximum of 30 days to return the money.
  • You can receive the money by transfer or take it in cash (max € 500).

Request it In 8 minutes? That’s fast money!
It is quite striking that in such a short time they can give you the money you need, but the truth is that they only need one of these 4 things to verify your identity and be able to grant you the loan:

  • DNI Bank receipt.
  • Notebook Proof of income.

Process to get the money with these free credits

It is very easy to manage or request one of these loans, in any of the online financial companies that are now offering them for free, for their new clients. In any of its web pages, we will find a small simulator that allows us to vary the repayment term and the money we want to ask for:

As soon as we fix the amounts that seem right to us , we can click on the button to request the loan and instantly they will direct us to the form that will be used to create an account in your online platform, and which you must fill in with your personal information (name , telephone, ID …).

Once you send all your data, you just have to wait for an answer via email, a call or an SMS . If they tell you that the loan has been granted, you just have to wait to receive the money in your account or go to look for it in cash, if the financial company has stores with that option.

What are the requirements they ask for?

These financiers that lend money online, they will ask you to provide them with information about you, but nothing out of the ordinary. What you must meet in the first instance, is to be of Spanish nationality or have Spanish residence, be 18 or 21 years old, at least and have a bank account in Spain. From there, the data are the typical ones that ask in any financial or lender: DNI, email, telephone, bank account number, etc.

They will be responsible for checking what your financial profile, level of indebtedness, and if you are included in delinquency lists such as Phineas or Fern.

Features of these free online fast loans?

They are small loans of amounts less than 1000 euros , which are free of interest and commissions. They are used as a way to get the attention of users who are looking for a very cheap or free credit, and they are a way to get clients, which certainly benefits users a lot, since we can get free money at specific moments, where they make us There is a lack of a payroll or pension advance due to some type of unforeseen event.

  • They are quick loans and without paperwork, you can grant them in 10 or 15 minutes.
  • They are known as microloans, because they are of little money: between 50 and 900 €.
  • The repayment term: minimum of 5 to 7 days, and a maximum of 30.
  • The interest rate: is a loan without interest.
  • Commissions: these loans do not have commissions.
  • There is no need to provide guarantees: without endorsement.

Basically they are a way to finance yourself with small amounts of free money , for a short period of time and do it for free, only in a first time, with each one of the credit companies.

Other quantities:

  • Loan 500 euros with Phineas
  • Online loans without a payroll
  • Quick credits of € 1000 without endorsement
  • Fast credit of 2000 euros
  • Where to ask for a loan of 3000 euros