Ghost’s Tobias Forge Says He’s “Allergic” To Nu-Metal


A lot of people are allergic to different things, but for Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge, it’s a genre of music – nu metal, and “anything that suggests it”.

Ghost’s next album Impera will be released later this month. In a new chat with Metal Injection, the singer opened up a bit about his metal influences and why he doesn’t prefer most contemporary heavy music.

“A band that I don’t think gets mentioned a lot and is definitely up my sleeve in terms of what I like would be Negative Plane. Obviously an old band that had kind of a resurgence a few years ago was Gorguts.Their colored sands was really cool,” Forge said.

“My taste is very old school. Ever since 1994 when nu metal started to really show its face, I’ve been allergic to anything that suggests nu metal and unfortunately it’s been like the eternal genre from 1994 until now. , ” He continued. “The bands I like are usually bands that sound like some sort of 1987 death metal band. Unfortunately. I hate being negative. But I like a lot of other music. I like a lot of different rock. I I’m more open when it comes to that.”

The rocker added that he considers any type of extreme metal after 1994 to be “shit”.

In another interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the singer described his taste in metal as “conservative”.

“When it comes to metal, I’m actually pretty conservative in my tastes. Now I don’t like a lot of new stuff and the only new death metal bands I’ve liked in the last 20 years have always been very back, sort of traditional, but throughout my life I’ve always been very supportive of pop music,” he admitted. “Every Ghost record has always been influenced by a lot of…I would say almost everything I listen to.”

Ghost’s tour with Volbeat wraps up tomorrow night (March 3) in Anaheim, CA. Impera will be released everywhere March 11 via Loma Vista/Concord — pre-register/order it here now.

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