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(PresseBox) (Herisau) Zinc protects iron and steel parts against corrosion. In industry, metal is no longer imaginable without it.

A metal layer of zinc serves as protection against rust, this already since Antiquity. The oldest method is hot dip galvanizing, in which the part to be galvanized is immersed in a bath of liquid zinc. There is also galvanizing, mechanical coatings, a zinc flake coating or spray galvanizing. The automotive and construction sectors cannot do without the bluish-white brittle metal. Zinc is also one of the most important materials in non-rechargeable batteries. In rechargeable batteries, zinc, found in India in the 14th century, is only used to a limited extent.

By the way, zinc is an essential trace element in the body for metabolism. And rare plants grow particularly well in soils rich in zinc. A tonne of zinc currently costs a little less 3,100 USD. After a sharp drop in prices in March 2020, which however affected many commodities, the price has therefore recovered very well today. Around 12 million tonnes of zinc were produced worldwide in 2020.

In the United States, zinc comes mainly from Alaska. China produces the most zinc on earth. One of the largest zinc mines is the Caijiaying mine in Zhangjiakou. It supplies zinc, gold, silver and lead and belongs to Griffon mine – The mine was operated by Griffon mine since 2005, 365 days a year, and it is located about 250 kilometers from Beijing.

Another zinc-focused company is Osisko Metals – -. In Canada, the company controls one of the most important zinc zones with the Pointe des Pins project. Recent drilling has returned up to 17.95 percent zinc.

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