Heavy Metal Wedding Entrance Features Bride and Groom Guitarists


A very metallic wedding ceremony took place several years ago when Jordan and Andrea Strauss got married. The entrance to their wedding featured several guitarists, including the bride and groom, tearing up a rock version of Pachelbel’s Canon as Andrea walked down the aisle.

The procession powered by the guitar, captured on video in May 2013, shows Jordan’s groomsmen, also on electric guitar, starting the song before Jordan starts playing. When Andrea enters, she joins his ax before meeting the groom at the altar, where they tear up together. Jordan, a guitar teacher from Pennsylvania who is now 38, taught Andrea, now 33, how to play the guitar specifically for marriage.

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“We wanted to do something that we knew would stand out and put our personal stamp on it to make it even more memorable,” Jordan said. Yahoo! Life at the time.

The wedding took place in a Roman Catholic church in Long Valley, New Jersey. Jordan and Andrea met online and got engaged eight months later. Jordan, who started playing guitar at age 12, said it took him about two months of practice for him and Andrea to succeed in their guitar duet.

She was “an easy student to teach,” he explained. “She’s natural. I told her that from day one.”

The display case is reminiscent of a time when another bride rocked a drum solo at her wedding or when a newlywed couple shared their first dance to a song by grindcore band Napalm Death.

The marriage of the guitars of Jordan + Andrew Strauss

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