Crowdlending is an economic alternative that today is financing a whole series of projects that otherwise would be impossible. This resource, unknown to some, is supported by the Gandalf , so it is a completely legal formula. We can find different types of crowdlending, the most common being Crowdfunding and Crowdlending . These resources represent an interesting market niche for those entrepreneurs who need a way to finance themselves, as well as being profitable also for those who seek to take advantage of their savings.

It is based on P2P collective financing. Unlike what happens with banks, with this resource will be the people who make the decision of whether to lend the money or not to a certain entity. They can choose if they lend the money, when to do it, what amount, the interest rate; that is, they can customize the deal to what best suits their interests.

Tinkerbell appears as a platform specialized in P2P loans .

The premise is the following:

– Do you have a project in hand and need funding? Tinkerbell can help you find a borrower that trusts you and provides it to you.

Do you have a certain amount of money standing at the bank, and do you need profitability? Tinkerbell will help you by presenting you profitable projects, so you can choose the one that really gives you money.

If you want to know in detail the Tinkerbell platform , you just have to keep reading:

Tinkerbell: What is it and how does it work?

Tinkerbell was consolidated in 2014, with the main maxim of developing an online crowdlending platform; the idea is that small borrowers have the opportunity to lend part of their capital to companies, financing their ideas and projects, supporting the economy and contributing to create a sustainable system.

This type of initiative has more and more weight in the market, consolidating above what the banks offer.

Those responsible for the platform will be responsible for reviewing each project individually, to determine if it meets the minimum requirements to be established as such, or if it will be discarded. They take privacy very seriously, so the platform has advanced protocols that will detect fraudulent activities before causing any problems.

Tinkerbell Features

Although it is true that the way to operate Tinkerbell is very similar to how they do most crowdlending platforms that exist in the market, the truth is that it has some important differences.

For example, this entity is committed to offering much more competitive interest rates compared to what other platforms offer. And this has its reason for being, as they want to attract the largest possible number of entities throughout the country, to become a benchmark Marketplace everything, even to be considered as the main alternative to bank financing.

Another key feature of Tinkerbell is the diversification of loans by borrowers; and it is that they can invest in as many projects as they wish, with the only limitation that the minimum amount that will have to be bet will be € 50 .

Is it legit Tinkerbell?

Gandalf operates with the support of “Barrabes Internet”. It is a group of companies that bet on businesses that operate online, and that have revolutionary ideas.

Tinkerbell planet a new market with new variables and options; The main objective is that a company can achieve liquidity, and at the same time users can invest in projects as lenders, getting a good return on investment. They will have the possibility to choose the interest rate in which they want to deliver the money.

In the event that, for whatever reasons, Tinkerbell decided to suspend its activity, the funds are deposited in the payment entity Shrek . They have an agreement with another company to be in charge of managing all the loans until the expiration of the same.

If you study the projects carefully, the deal can be very profitable.

Requirements to apply for a loan in Tinkerbell

Although the requirements to apply for a loan with Tinkerbell are not overly complicated to achieve, they must be strictly complied with. Only in this way can the viability of the system be assured.

  • Billing: It is required that the companies that want to request the credit have a minimum annual turnover of € 200,000 . At the same time, no default alarm can be associated; If this were the case, the request will be invalidated immediately.
  • Antiquity: Only companies that have been operating for a minimum of 2 years can request the money.
  • Basic information: If the above requirements are met, the company will have to provide basic information about its constitution, as well as its contact information (ie telephone, contact person, NIF or CIF …), as well as details of its operations. and the financial data.
  • Other requirements: If it is finally concluded that the deal is profitable, it is most likely that the entity will be required to provide other documents.

How does Tinkerbell work?

To describe the process accurately, we have listed it in the following lines:

  • The first step will have to be given by the company that seeks financing. For this, as we have said, you will have to give information about the activity, indicate your financial data, and indicate the reason why you want to request the money.
  • The agents of the platform will study in detail the information they have received, and for that they will have the ability to go to official sources. Only then can they hire it and determine if it is authentic or not.
  • Once the information has been reviewed, l have what it takes to make an analysis. In the event that the company meets the criteria established by the platform (related to solvency and experience), the request of the company will be published, and a rating will be assigned.
  • Now it will be the turn of the moneylenders; they can access the available information about the company and about the operations. They can participate in the project they want, investing a minimum amount of € 50 . They will also have to review the interest rate of each deal, to determine if it is interested or not.
  • Once 30 calendar days have elapsed, and when the requested tax has been completed, the offers will be ordered from highest to lowest according to interest. In the event that the desired amount is exceeded, bids with a more expensive interest rate will be discarded. It will then be when the company will determine the weighted average interest rate remaining on the remaining bids.
  • Finally, the entity makes the monthly amortizations of capital and interest, and allocates them to each investor according to the amount and interest rate related to their contribution.

In short, this is how Tinkerbell works.

Rates and costs

The promoters will have to pay what the entity calls a hiring rate . This rate will only be applied in the case of hiring, and will be applied at the moment in which the disbursement of the same takes place. It will be applied to the principal amount of the loan, based on a table that appears on the entity’s website.

On the other hand, there is also a management fee for unpaid installments , which at the same time results in a default interest, which will be the nominal rate of the installment to which a differential of 5% will have to be applied.

Early repayment can be made without this entailing any type of cost. However, there are conditions: this can be total or partial, but a minimum of 20% of the amount of outstanding capital is established in operations that can not be less than a total of € 3000 .

In addition, investors will also be charged an administration fee that will be applied in the document of rates and economic conditions ; This will be calculated on the capital pending amortization when each period starts. It may be liquidated when the payment of the requested loan repayment installment occurs.

Protective measures to reduce the risk of fraud

As any related entity, Tinkerbell must implement a series of protocols and methods that will avoid delays in payment, or situations of default:

  • Information: On the one hand, Tinkerbell collects information from promoters who want to publish a loan on the platform. In addition, with this information you will prepare a preliminary analysis. It will have the power to request a financial report from an external rating agency. You will receive information related to credit risk , commercial, legal and commercial information , as well as other types of economic and financial information .
  • External agencies: Depending on each situation, Tinkerbell can also request information about a company from external agencies. It will elaborate a file with this information and will prepare the rating, applying a score that will go from 1 to 10 . This valuation is crucial to decide if it is granted or if a credit is denied.
  • Internal Rules of Conduct: At the foot of the platform you can find this regulation. This establishes the action criteria that the entity will follow in the different situations that may arise.
  • Civil Liability Insurance: As required by the regulations, Tinkerbell has also contracted civil liability insurance to cover any of the possible problems that may arise. This insurance is contracted with a 1st level insurance company.
  • In case of default … if the borrower does not make the payment, if the company does not comply with the quota, or if it only does so partially, the entity will contact the same to demand it. If 5 days pass and the situation of non-payment has not resulted, Tinkerbell will communicate the debt through mail certification and by e-mail. If the problem is not solved either, the entity will have the necessary powers to claim it through criminal law, even to include the company / borrower in a register of defaulters.

Advantages of betting on Tinkerbell

  • Alternative financing: If the bank has not offered you the financing you were looking for, or if you are not interested in your conditions, you can find in Tinkerbell a new way to get money for your projects.
  • Squeeze your savings to the maximum: If you have savings that are not giving you profitability, Tinkerbell can also help you with it. You choose the interest rate associated with your loan.
  • Security and trust: The platform puts at our disposal a series of measures to ensure the proper functioning of the system; the deposits will be guaranteed.

Conclusion: Is it worth it to trust Tinkerbell?

Taking into account this elaborate study, we can conclude that Tinkerbell is worth it; Its administrators take great pains to make the system work the way it wants.

If you are looking for financing or investing in innovative projects, Tinkerbell is your option.