Gandalf is a company that is dedicated to easy and fast financial management for clients looking to find a company that gives fast loans online . The idea of ​​Gandalf is to reach as many consumers as possible.

Many people need quick help. Sometimes, the most affected or those that are small companies or families with few resources are the most damaged when it comes to getting a loan. An inconvenience that they do not expect, can completely annoy the economic one of a whole month or even of a whole life.

Avoiding this type of problems, the entity gives quick mini-credits in order to fix problems such as a small fine or the repair of our car and even the purchase of an appliance. Gandalf understands that when these things happen, it is when families need more help because that is when they have to spend a greater amount of money. For the entity, the important thing is your economic stability so they do not care if you do not have an endorsement that you can count on, because Gandalf gives you the option of getting up to 1,000 euros without having to wait even a single full day, giving you the option to do it from the comfort of your home.

With the possibility of asking for a credit in Gandalf you save yourself long lines at the bank or even having to carry out thousands of paperwork.

All the services offered by the platform are in real time and you can see all types of transactions of the company with total transparency.

In addition, the entity offers confidentiality in all transactions you make and promises customers that any data they deliver to the company will be completely confidential.

What makes Gandalf different?

It is a loan that is given 100% online . If we compare it with the entities with which you can currently find loans, Gandalf is one of the best at the time of granting loans to customers who are approaching a loan. The platform is designed so that loans can be approved almost automatically with just a small form. You no longer need to waste time with paperwork or have to meet different requirements with banks and even have to search from entity to entity which is the one that adapts to you without them giving anything in return. With Gandalf you will have the decision in a couple of minutes. In addition, if the credit is granted, you can enjoy the money almost immediately in your bank account.

Transparent costs with nothing hidden

The rates are fair for all customers, so the entity charges the same to everyone. Before asking for the loan, you can use the calculator to see what is the amount you will have to pay per month and the amount that you will have to return to the entity already with interest. The import will only vary if you neglect the payment installments or do not pay on time.

Return of quick loans

Among the main advantages of the loans, is the term in which they expire. This type of loan has the benefit of expiring in 35 days, which means that you do not have problems in the payment of fees, because it is only one and you can return the money when you receive your payroll . In case you have problems paying your loan and you think you will not have the money on the agreed day, you can get an extension of 30 days more.

The facilities of online credits

To give customers a better deal, customers can agree with the advisors and professionals of the company through Johnsnook . In addition, for more ease of customers, the first loan will be made of 1000 euros and will be given in just 15 minutes without having to deliver to the company any type of payroll or guarantee. When you have returned this first credit without problems, you will be able to access the second one, which could be a much larger amount

The company works under a system of mutual trust, through which you can get up to 1,000 euros.

Advantages of choosing Gandalf

  1. It is a company created so that customers feel comfortable when asking for their credits, so everything they find on the platform will only be in order to facilitate the request for such credits by customers. In turn, the platform will accept and validate the request almost immediately.
  2. It gives you the possibility to get your first credit of 1000 euros in just 15 minutes. You do not need guarantors and they will not ask you to do expensive procedures or lines. From the comfort of your home sofa, you can enjoy the money you are looking for in just 15 minutes.
  3. As you are paying the loans in the entity, you start to maintain a higher reputation or vip client, which means that you can request much higher amounts each time.
  4. The platform has several social networks, especially Johnsnook , through which customers can get in direct contact with the advisors.
  5. All the personal data that you give to the company are perfectly centered on LOPD. This means that the data that customers send will never be used for third parties.
  6. If you are lucky enough to have a bank account in the same entity with which the platform works, the entire process will be much faster, since the money will pass in a matter of seconds to your account. However, if the bank account is different from the bank of the entity, then it may take up to 48 hours to receive the money.

The main features of Gandalf

Given that Gandalf is an entity that is dedicated to give personal loans in a simple way, one of the characteristics that we can not stop mentioning is the ease with which the loans are obtained in it, being the first of all a loan of approximately 1000 euros

The amount and the returns of the loans

The maximum amount you can get in the entity is 1,000 euros to return in 35 days . This may seem precipitate for some customers, however, if we see it well and in detail, we are getting rid of a host of interests that many other platforms make us pay, for a very small amount.

The answers with the entity are almost immediate, so you will not have to wait to know the answer to your credit.

VIP customers

As you are paying correctly the credits in the company, you become a vip customer , that is, the following loans that can be of a much larger value up to a total of 1,000 euros , thus getting more and more amounts higher

Personal loans without paperwork

With the platform, you will not have to do long paperwork or give any kind of documentation, since the only thing that the platform will review is the validation of your data by accessing your usual bank account.

This will help the platform to know that all the data you are giving them is really true.

It is safe to ask for a loan in Gandalf

Gandalf has the backing of large entities that allow you to have the peace of mind of a good backup of money with totally transparent commissions.

Gandalf requirements

All the personal credits that you ask for in Gandalf are not going to ask you just for requirements, since the idea is to favor the client and not hinder him. These loans are designed to be enjoyed without collateral and without guarantees and also can be requested without any pension or the delivery of a payroll, what if you must have something that shows that you receive payments and you can take charge of your loan.

  1. You can request a loan in the entity provided you are between 18 and 70 years old and have a bank account within Spanish territory
  2. You must have your valid identity documents
  3. You must have a mobile phone number
  4. You must have a valid and personal email address through which the platform will contact you.
  5. You must not have any previous debt.

Gandalf interest rates

The platform seeks to be 100% transparent with all its customers so they do not hide costs or give them at the last minute. The amount that you will have to return, is the amount that comes out in your simulator and you will not find extra charges with the passage of time. Also, if you pay within the terms that you have agreed with the platform, you will not have to pay additional expenses.

All interest rates will be the same during the loan.

  • A loan of 5 to 7 days carries a rate of 7%
  • A loan of 8 to 15 days carries a rate of 15%
  • A loan of 16 22 days carries a rate of 22%
  • A loan of 23 to 30 days carries a rate of 30%
  • A loan of 31 to 35 days carries a rate of 35%

Smartphone application and customer service Gandalf

On the platform it is possible to make any kind of request at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. The answer in all cases will be immediate. The only thing you can notice a bit of delay in is the arrival of the loans to your account in case you belong to another entity. It does not have a smartphone application but its website works very well.

To get in touch with the entity, you can write an email to [email protected] or communicate with the professionals of the company at the phone number 912900622. From the official website, the entity has a chat enabled so you can get in touch with them at any time. There, you can enjoy assistance or support in real time 24 hours.

  • Phone number: 912 900 622
  • Email: [email protected]

Types of loans in Gandalf

Only fast personal loans online

How to apply for Gandalf credits Online

When making the application for fast Gandalf loans , you will be surprised how simple it is. All you have to do is fill out the form through the website and the answer will be almost immediately. This will save you from having to do any kind of extra processing.

These are the steps you must follow to make the request in the correct way

  • The first thing we will do is enter the Gandalf personal loan platform and you will see a window where you can read all the information about this loan that you are about to ask for. You will find a small selector in which you must put the amount of money you are going to ask for. Remember that if it is your first visit the maximum will be 300 euros, however, the maximum amount can be up to 1,000 euros. The deadline to return it will be 35 days and you will see the total amount on the screen once you put the amount you are looking for.
  • Fill in the form that you will see. At this point, you must create an account and you can authenticate it through Johnsnook, which will take a few seconds or manual with your personal data. The platform will use this data to make you a study.
  • Verify your bank account with the entity. Once you receive the confirmation email, the platform will ask you to validate your bank account. Through this step, the credit platform will validate that you really are the person requesting the loan and all the data is real.
  • Receive the money in your account. From the moment your bank account is authenticated, and the platform approves your loan, they will instantaneously make a transfer to your account and in a few minutes you can enjoy your money. Keep in mind that if your bank belongs to one that does not work with the entity, the money could be delayed until a full day.

Extensions and postponements

Once the term agreed with the entity has been met, you will have to return the money by means of a bank transfer. The account will be indicated when you apply for the loan. In case you can not return the loan in the time you have agreed with the company, you must contact a professional of the entity and tell your case.

If you really can not repay the loan on time, the platform will offer options for extensions of 7, 14 and 30 days . These can be obtained through your customer area. You decide how much more time you need to pay the agreed amount. If you do not want the amount of money to continue advancing with the renewals, what you must do is pay only the amount of interest that corresponds up to that moment. At each expiration you must pay the agreed amount until new term.

The cost of each extension can be seen in the area of ​​the client area.

Customer reviews Gandalf

  1. They are very simple credits, although in my case it took me two and a half days to get the money to my account once the request was accepted, since it was not one of my banks that worked with them. However, the treatment was correct and they complied with what was promised, I go for my third loan with them.
  2. I liked the ease with which I could obtain the credit and they are very kind, even in the direct dealings with social networks, although I think that it should extend the time of return a little because 30 days is sometimes very little.
  3. All my credit I asked for it by telephone. Suddenly it occurred to me to leave the weekend and in less than two hours I had my money in the account, although it is my first loan, I will trust the company again.


It is one of the best solutions for thousands of people, since you can get a quick loan of about 1000 euros in less than 15 minutes, with the ease of returning it in 35 days. Although it is also true that for new customers only up to 300 euros are allowed.

It is a very simple loan that will not ask for just requirements, or endorsement, or payroll, or pension, however you can not access if you already have asnef problems. Although if you must deliver a good receipt of income to the entity that corroborates that you can take charge of said loan.