If you are thinking about looking for a good mini-credit online , the best way to get it is through Gandalf . Gandalf is a company of Spanish origin and that moves in the market with a wide experience and reaches Central Europe. The company is managed by a team of young professionals with very good ideas for the financial market . Most people in the organization work hard so that each family receives the money they need at the time they have to use it, in order to get each person to fulfill their dreams.

The entity works hard so you can enjoy the money at any time , since you can order any day of the week at any time.

These personal loans are not bank loans and are always given in the short term without having to go to any form in offices, these credits are 100% online.

Main features of Gandalf

It does not require many expenses. When you require a loan of money without much paperwork and effectively, there are always many options, but surely they tend to have a very high interest rate and conditions that will not favor you at all, because it is about taking advantage of your situation. urgency. In Gandalf you will not spend much.

They give the loan easily and without needing paperwork. Loans you money to cover all the needs and emergencies that may arise, for this reason sometimes you need help. In hi credit they are there to support you and to offer you an easy credit so that you can face all those expenses and debts that can cause you stress situations.

Serious and responsible company . Gandalf is known for being a company that does not look bad for its users, since it handles loans with the seriousness that is needed, giving an endorsement and excellent customer service in case these need advice to carry out the procedure or for if there is any doubt.

Advantages and differences to choose from Gandalf

With Gandalf there are great advantages and differences that support your good service , among them are the main ones that are the following:

  1. The online procedure is totally secure. The loan, being online is very easy as well as safe. From the website you can choose the amount, as well as the day of payment, fill out a short form and request your loan from any device.
  2. The decision is instantly. Thanks to Gandalf, the decision is practically of an instantaneous nature, since when requesting the credit you will obtain a very fast answer in just a few minutes at any time of the day, since being virtual in its entirety, there are no restrictions of dates and schedules
  3. You can receive your money in record time . In the event that your credit application has been approved, the money will be deposited immediately in the applicant’s bank account.
  4. Credits without paperwork. There is no doubt that this is one of your best advantages as the lenders, institutions and banks that are dedicated to making personal loans can take even months to get to approve the deposit, months that are a valuable time in which you need to pay off your debts or Leave your urgency. In Gandalf you will not have to submit yourself to such slow paperwork processes and you will be able to get your credit in the simplest and fastest way.
  5. the loans are very fast. Since it does not matter what your motive is, in Gandalf you will find the best way to get the loans in a legal, fast and a good amount of up to € 1000 for any person and with almost zero interest.

What are the minimum requirements of Gandalf

To apply for a loan it is necessary to be of legal age and have a fixed source of income that can be demonstrated, in addition, it is a requirement that there is no delay in the payment of other financial debts that you have acquired, so that there is no record of defaulters.

The decision that is positive of the loan will be subject to some circumstances of the applicant to the loan that are the following:

  1. That all the information and documentation that has been presented to the Lender, money is true, accurate and up-to-date.
  2. That the applicant does not form part of legal or judicial proceedings that may affect their level of solvency and credit.
  3. That there are no pending payments or debts to third parties that may prevent the payment of the Loan to Hi Money, including pending payments that are recorded in any registry of information on solvency and credit.

In the event that the communication of the positive decision or not of the loan has not been sent in accordance with the request provided in these general conditions, that it is sent out of time or that there is a prior rejection by the person who requested the loan, it will be considered that there has not been a loan decision and therefore will result in a negative. Gandalf will inform the loan applicant by SMS message and via email that the loan application has been received correctly.

Once the lender hi money has made the relevant verifications, the lender will remit through the remote service that is the platform, the decision of the loan is positive or negative. The assessment of this will be by the lender to inform the applicant if the opportunity to grant the loan has been granted and therefore, in the case that the lender hi money has rejected the loan application, will not be required to report the applicant the reason for the reasons for the denial of the request made.

Can you ask for this type of credit even if you have asnef problems?

As long as you do not have a financial debt, you can ask for the credit to the entity.

When time it takes the money to reach the bank account

For customers who want to access a loan, those who are in the following banks: Sansa, Brann, Bystander or Fiona ; The money will arrive immediately to your account since the request is accepted. For the rest of the people who do not have an account in these banks, the maximum term is 24 hours.

In case of not receiving the money during the 24 hours following the acceptance of said credit, you must contact the entity to verify that there is no error.

What is the amount of money that can be asked for?

Gandalf gives you the possibility to request a first loan of up to 500 euros at 0% interest. If you return that loan without any incident, you become a trusted customer and you can request up to € 1,000 in the next.

I can access this credit even if I do not have a payroll

If you can access this credit even if you do not have demonstrable income. The money for payments can come from a pension or a benefit for employment , as well as from any type of demonstrable subsidy.

How to find out if your loan has been approved or not

Each request is handled in the entity exclusively, so once the credit is approved, a person will contact you to clarify any doubts you may have about this credit and other questions that may arise about the process of contracting it

Interest rate of Gandalf

In hila dinero a very flexible interest rate is used, since accessible personal loans are offered to be repaying between 61. APR (APR) as maximum 1698%. The minimum return period is 61 days.

How you get money with the platform

You can request a loan of up to 1000 euros to return to the platform within 100 days provided you prove to the company that you have income in some way . These income can be from a pension to a subsidy, In addition, have a personal account and above all, have no delinquency data on the Internet.

To be able to enjoy an urgent amount of money on the platform, you must enter the Gandalf.es website and choose the amount of money you want to get. Remember that if you are a new client, you will not be able to request an amount higher than 500 euros . You must also put the day you are going to make the payment to the entity, in addition to filling out a short form with your personal data, so that the entity can verify if you are able or not to receive such credit.

The professionals of Gandalf , will only take a couple of minutes to see if your request is suitable or not, and the answer will be received in a few minutes. However, remember that the money will take a little longer to receive it if you do not belong to the banks that collaborate with the entity. It will never be more than 24 hours.

Gandalf is a serious company that protects your information and does not sell it to third parties. In addition, the contract protects the customer 100% of any type of deceptive procedures. The purpose of the company is to take the money to the people who really need it and give them 100% flexible payments in each case.

Quick loans at Gandalf

Quick loans in Gandalf are designed so that anyone can get up to 1,000 euros in a few hours and thus cover any type of emergency.

In this entity, the method to request this type of credits is quite simple, since you can do it at any time of day or night and the only thing you will need is to have access to the Internet. Among other benefits it presents, is that you can do it from any device.

The fast loans of Gandalf , have a minimum term of 61 days to pay and you can do it with a maximum of 100 days.

Most quick loans are made in less than two hours and you have the possibility to choose the day you are going to pay. You just have to fill out a simple form with your personal data to be able to acquire the money.

In case you want to borrow quickly by any other means, it is likely that you will have to wait years and not be able to cover urgent credits, so if you need quick money, trust the platform.

If you do not know if you could be able or not to enjoy one of the quick credits they offer, the best option is to talk to the team of professionals you will find in the entity and in this way, they will make a completely free assessment.

Extensions and postponements of Gandalf

the day the loan has expired, the applicant may choose between the option to return the money or extend the term. The term of extension may be a maximum of thirty calendar days that will be counted from the date on which Gandalf has granted the expiration term.

The costs for requesting an extension of the term of the loan will be those that are deducted from the simulator of the web page and that will be communicated to the one that requested the extension by means of the sending of the particular conditions according to which they are contracted by the extension of term.

When the borrower is going to request the extension of the term of his loan, he must pay in the bank account that has been indicated by the lender the amount that is corresponding to the fees of the management of said loan. Once the extension period has ended, the borrower will have to pay the total amount that has resulted from the loan he requested in the indicated bank account of Gandalf.

Penalty for default and default to Gandalf

The non-payment at maturity of any amount that is arranged by virtue of the loan, as well as the processing and management costs, will give the lender the right to demand the borrower, in addition to the amount a penalty for delinquent interest. 1.00% per day on the unpaid amount, this with the maximum limit of 200% over the principal as well as the expenses caused by the non-payment of the loan and without prejudice to other consequences that may arise from its non-compliance, among others , the inclusion of data in credit and asset solvency files.

Any amount that the lender receives and is due, will be charged the collection costs, the loan with the management costs and the corresponding penalty for non-payment.