How to defeat Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger


The Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger called The Red Judge’s Aspect is one of the most elusive bosses in the game who prefers to fight you from a distance. You’ll need to be on your feet and stay aware of her tricks and projectiles to be able to follow her. This guide will teach you how to defeat the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger.

How to defeat Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger?

You need environmental awareness to defeat Stygia’s second Hell Boss due to its constant barrage of projectiles. This boss will occasionally summon henchmen in the middle of combat to harass you after you damage her enough. His projectiles will become faster and more aggressive as the fight progresses.

Luckily, throughout the fight, the circular gladiator arena you fight in has pillars you can hide behind. Although you probably don’t need it if you can keep moving in a circle around the boss. And with the new weapon you picked up in Stygia, you’ll have enough in your arsenal to take down this boss for good.

The most important aspect to use if your side dash. The Judge’s Aspect boss will summon fireballs in your path that will stop in mid-air for a second before focusing on you. You’ll also need to steer clear of certain sections of the Inferno Boss Arena as they will turn blue before being electrified taking a good chunk of your health.

The best weapons to use are the ones you discover in this level. Hounds are dual revolvers which are exactly what we need to drain this boss’ health from a distance. Remember to shoot to the beat and time your hits to the heavy metal in the background.

There is a Fury Boost on one of the platforms away from the main arena that you can pick up, but we recommend saving it for later during the last half of the Stygia Hell Boss fight in Metal Hellsinger when the aspect of the judge is really starting to get aggressive.

Stygia Hell Boss Attacks

The Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger has many projectile attacks that she uses on you. Your options are to jump or get out of the way.

  • Ground Lightning: The boss summons electricity from the ground. It won’t damage you immediately, but once you notice the blue light from the ground, immediately shoot or jump out of the way.
  • Flame Beam: The Boss extends its wings and fires a beam of fire directly at you from the ground. It’s a very telegraphed attack so you can easily dodge it.
  • Fireball Barrage: Boss releases fireballs lined up in a row in your direction. You will have to jump to avoid them or stay low and dash depending on their height.
  • Summon Goons: Once the Aspect of the Judge boss takes enough damage, she summons her minions to distract you while she retreats into the transparent, untouchable air.
  • Goon Rain: The boss spreads its wings and rains down minions on the ground, damaging you.

The hardest attack to deal with the inferno boss Stygia in Metal Hellsinger is his Fireball Barrage. Sure, it’ll be a walk in the park to dodge at first, but once his health drops below 70%, this attack will turn the arena into hell. You’ll have a hard time dodging if his minions are still around, so be sure to focus on them first.

On harder difficulties, the Judge Aspect will summon more skilled minions to deal with you. While this may sound like a pain, it can actually be turned to your advantage by using them as multipliers.

Stygia Hell Boss Attacks

Once you learn the pattern of his attacks, defeating the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger becomes routine work. You’ll be able to easily dodge most of his attacks, except for the fireball barrage mentioned above.

Stygia Hell Boss Rewards in Metal Hellsinger

Here are the rewards for defeating the Judge’s Stygia Hell Aspect Boss in Metal Hellsinger:

  • Yhelm level
  • Giant Slayer: I
  • Deceptive Weapon: I
  • Relic Thief III
  • Faster ultimate streak bonus

With the Faster Ultimate Streak Boon, you can essentially activate your Ultimate with any weapon sooner by filling its bar faster. Although you need to be at Hit Streak 14 before you can activate it.

Stygia Hell Boss Rewards

This is how to defeat the Stygia Hell Boss in Metal Hellsinger. We hope this article has been informative for you. If you need more Metal Hellsinger content, you can always stick with us.

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