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Here is a new video interview with the Canadian duo GREBER:

GreberHenry Miller wrote down one of life’s great truths when he said, “All growth is a leap into the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.

Such a quote could describe bass and drum duo Greber, except along with past and present members of Fuck the Facts and The Great Sabatini, they have a wealth of experience to bring to the table. Inspired by the really big bands like Neurosis and Propaghandi, but inspired not to slavishly imitate what they’ve already created, but to forge their own sound, to blaze new trails. Look at the world around us and accurately reflect what they see; as if holding up a mirror to the darkness in hopes of reflecting a glimmer of light.

They have truly looked into the abyss and put to music what they see there; their music has enormous depth and they have none of the limitations that plague so many bands. They really are their own beast and they really have their own sound.

Since forming in 2008, Greber has released three well-received full albums, four 7-inch split singles, a split cassette with Minors and a 4-track split LP with Cell Press, Anthesis and Botfly as well as countless shows across the East. from Canada.

As if morphing into a single entity, drummer Steve Vargas and bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon made Greber a single entity, something as important to the duo as food and air.

Now in 2022, Greber will release his new album ‘Fright Without’, with a collaboration between Ancient Temple / Nofuneral (Canada) (Vinyl, CD, Cassette), Hibernation Release (USA) (Vinyl), 7 Degrees / Fresh Outbreak (Europe) (Vinyl) with digital download direct from the band.

“For this record, I (Marc) would put some ideas into a skeletal structure via computer demos and then send them to Steve for him to work out general ideas. From there, we just kicked the Christ out of them in our jam space and they’ve transformed accordingly. I’m always excited to hear how Steve perceives the things I bring to the table. It’s never how I hear it in my head and I couldn’t no happier with how we’ve evolved together over the years. It’s easy to take it for granted, but it’s something I cherish with all my heart and love the dude to no end.

A big difference between Fright Without and our last record, Cemetery Preston, was that there were far fewer revisions. I could all too easily drive myself crazy with the “make the song better” process and found that over time it was way too stressful and I couldn’t deal with that level anymore. Maybe if there had been clear and qualitative progress made visible by the madness, I would have had a harder time with the divorce, but I love what we did with this record and I’m glad that we have changed our approach.

Fright Without is a handleless staircase that disorients as much as it upsets. Our testament to suffering and hope, to balance and misfortune, in heaven and here. With Kurt Ballou lending his abilities to the mix, we’re more than happy with how the final product sounded and hope the listener finds it to be as much about escapism as it is about confrontation. – GREBER

“Fright Without” is set to be released on September 9, 2022.

(bio written by Steve Earles)

Greber is:
Steve Vargas – Drums, Vocals, Lights
Marc Bourgon – Bass, Vocals

Composition of the album group:
Steve Vargas – Drums, Vocals
Marc Bourgon – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Keegan – Voice and Lyrics on Fabricated Purpose
Scott Miller – Voice and Noise on Bitchin’ Shades
Mathieu Vilandre – Guitar on Larkinitis
Kàrhozat – Noise in dark corners
Sean Pearson – Noise on Fistful of Cancon Dollars

Shared the stage with:
Yautja, Wake, The Great Sabatini, Alaskan, Homewrecker, Malevich, Meek is Murder, Enabler

Steve Vargas (drums, vocals) backed by Los Cabos Drumsticks
Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) supported by Egan Bass Guitars

2010 – Hometown Heroine – LP
2012 – Split 7” with Proletar
2013 – Split 7” with Hiroshima Vacation
2014 – Kiln-hardened Psalms – LP
2016 – Split 7” with Anthèse
2018 – Preston Cemetery – LP
2018 – Split 7” with The Mighty Megalodon
2019 – Split Cassette with Minors
2021 – LP split into 4 tracks with Cell Press, Anthesis and Botfly
2022 – Fright Without – LP | |


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