Judas Priest Launches Interactive Heavy Metal Guide Website



Pandemic be damned, Judas Priest continues to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a group, which actually came last year. Now, inspired by their own graphic novel, The Legends have launched an interactive “Guide to Heavy Metal” website.

The experience takes fans on a guided tour of Judas Priest’s five-decade history, since its founding in 1970 as the education of the post-war generation amid factories and other industrializations was reflected in through new sounds in heavy music and an ambition to break with a future in factory work.

Each chapter comes with its own set of black and white comic book panels to drive the narrative, which takes a modern day with a pair of guitar tutorials from Richie Faulkner, who replaced the iconic KK Downing on guitar in 2011. Question-and-Answer video clips are also available to watch, as is Loudwire’s “Loud List” of Judas Priest’s 10 Unforgettable Moments, which was also included in the interactive experience.

Visit the Judas Priest Heavy Metal Guide website here.

After being sidelined throughout 2020, Priest made his long-awaited return to the road on his “50 Heavy Metal Years” tour earlier this year. After a performance at the Louder Than Life Festival in Kentucky in September, Faulkner was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency heart surgery. It was later learned that his aorta had ruptured on stage while he was performing perfectly “Painkiller” before seeing a doctor. The guitarist has since been released from hospital and is recovering, resulting in the group’s remaining tour dates being postponed to 2021.

Shortly after, singer Rob Halford revealed he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and is thankfully now in remission.

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