Massive 400-tonne ‘metal presses’ convoy disrupts traffic in East Yorkshire


A huge convoy of over 400 tonnes escorted by police and carrying a ‘metal press’ caused traffic disruption in East Yorkshire on Tuesday night.

Escorted by the police, the convoy traveled with its heavy cargo directly from the port of Goole to Sheffield. North Bridge, Bridge Street and the A161 bypass to the M62 have all been temporarily closed to allow the convoy to squeeze through.

Drivers were given advance warning by South Yorkshire Police of possible traffic disruption caused by the convoy. South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support Team posted an update and said: “Oh no, not another. Yes we are letting you all know that we will be escorting more abnormal loads over the next few nights.

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“Now these loads are rather large and weigh a bit so we are moving them a bit later than the last ones. We will leave Goole docks at 8pm tonight (3rd May) and travel on M62, M18 M1.

“We will leave the M1 at Junction 34 then, Shepcote Lane, Greenland Road before turning into Davey Markhams onto Prince of Wales Road. We do not anticipate any major traffic delays due to the time of night, but please note that when leaving M18 on the M1 North we will hold ALL onward traffic as only one load at a time can cross the Thurcroft Interchange.

metal press. His final destination was Sheffield.” content=””/>
An abnormal charge passed through Goole around 9 p.m. on Tuesday May 3. The 300 ton convoy contained a huge metal press. His final destination was Sheffield.

“Please have a little patience if you get stuck behind us, but this is for everyone’s safety. Once we leave the M1, no traffic will be allowed to pass the charges. because of the width.”

The convoy is part of a series of loads transported over several nights until May 13. Each of the two trailers in the convoy would have weighed 240 tonnes, making a total weight of 480 tonnes.

It was carrying a large “metal press”, split into two pieces and believed to have come from China. Another anomalous load is expected to be transported from Goole early Wednesday morning.

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