Morf3D and 6K Additive join forces to qualify metal powders for additive manufacturing


6K Powders produced sustainably by Additive will qualify for full industrialization and large-scale production.

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 6K Additive, a division of 6K, the leader in the production of sustainable advanced materials for additive manufacturing and energy storage, announced that Morf3D, a leading solution integrator in additive manufacturing for aerospace innovation, is collaborating to qualify metal powders for manufacturing additive. Thanks to this partnership, 6K Additive’s metal powders will be approved for use by customers in Morf3D’s aerospace and defense applications. Throughout the qualification process, Morf3D will manage the printing, characterization, post-processing and data generation framework in order to qualify 6K Powders produced sustainably by Additive.

“By working with Morf3D, we are able to leverage their deep industry experience and application expertise to help guide the qualification process,” said Frank Robertspresident of 6K Additive. “This is a conduit to acceptance by demanding customers in the space, aviation, defense etc. sectors. We want our powders to be part of manufacturing solutions for applications the most intense of additive manufacturing and the partnership with Morf3D gives us another channel to these important customers.”

Morf3D, which is based in El Segundo, Californiawill use local and sustainable sources 6K Additive powders to react quickly to customer needs once they have completed their qualification. The sustainable supply of powders, as well as their high quality, is a key aspect of Morf3D’s customer requirements. 6K’s UniMelt technology transforms used and end-of-life powders, scrap and test parts into raw materials to produce its highly spherical powders. This mutually beneficial circular economy allows Morf3D to reduce costs and waste while accessing premium metal powers for production.

6K Additive’s innovative business model helps us leverage our low-value waste streams into high-value credits against virgin powder sales,” said Dr. Behrang Poorganji, Vice President of Materials Technology at Morf3D. . “By using 6K Additive powders, we are able to source materials such as production scale high temperature refractories with the added benefit of using a US based supplier. »

6K Additive operates a state-of-the-art 45,000 square foot powder production facility in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania with up to 10 fully operational UniMelt microwave plasma systems. Commercially available powders that 6K Additives currently produced include Ti6Al4V (grade 5 and grade 23), SS316L, and nickel superalloys Ni718 and Ni625, as well as advertised refractory materials. Companies interested in working with 6K Additives regarding their specific powder requirements are welcome to visit 6K Additive website

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About 6K

With sustainability at its core, 6K Was founded in North Andover, Massachusettshas developed UniMelt®, a proprietary advanced microwave plasma production system, to transform engineered materials into breakthrough products that advance industries in additive manufacturing, renewable energy, aerospace, consumer electronics, etc. 6K represents 6000 degrees, both the operating temperature of UniMelt®, the world’s only plasma system at the scale of microwave generation, and the temperature of the surface of the sun.

The 6K The Energy division is focused on producing low-cost, sustainable and locally produced battery materials, accelerating the pace of battery production and the adoption of electric vehicles. The 6K The Additives Division specializes in the production and recovery of sustainably sourced AM metal powders, using a proprietary grinding and cleaning process that ensures high quality powders free from contamination. For more information, visit and follow @6Kinc on Twitter.

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About Morf3D

Morf3D Inc., a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, specializes in metal additive manufacturing technology that transforms engineering designs into complete production systems. Morf3D’s mission is to enable customers to fully exploit the benefits of additive engineering and manufacturing, while providing innovative solutions that solve complex design and manufacturing problems.

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