• How Crowdlending Works for Loans

    Crowdlending is an economic alternative that today is financing a whole series of projects that otherwise would be impossible. This resource, unknown to some, is supported by the Gandalf , so it is

  • How to Apply for Quick Loans

    If you are thinking about looking for a good mini-credit online , the best way to get it is through Gandalf . Gandalf is a company of Spanish origin and that moves in the market with a wide

  • Online offer loans under the microscope

    The AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) is a supervisor in the area of, among other things, loans and loans. They look at whether consumers get the right information, so that a

  • Increasingly loans for car

    In 2017, 1.5 billion euros was borrowed for a car. That is 15 percent more than in 2016. The number of lease contracts also increased. From 36,000 (2016) to 100,000 (2017). You can arrange the

  • Personal loan

    Sometimes it sometimes happens that you need money but can not wait until you have saved the amount together. A personal loan is then a good solution that can be realized in a relatively short

  • Well € 1,120, – saves on a loan!

    Research has shown that many people regret their loans; because of the high interest rates or an income reduction due to job changes. Consumind Finance recently started saving savings on current

  • Credit

    Outdoor tourism is becoming more and more popular. The camper combines discovery to suit your desires with the friendly side. Beyond the traditional sites of welcome, the motor-campers can make free