(Previously) Upcoming Metal Releases: Halloween 2021 Recap


Here are the new metal releases for October 31, 2021. Now, generally, we post this column on Mondays with the aim of covering everything from Sunday to Saturday coming, but Halloween falling on Sunday this year made that weird – there was at minus 60 releases yesterday, none of which are actually, technically, forthcoming, but a good number of them warrant coverage anyway. To remedy this anomaly and maintain our sanity, this edition of the column focuses solely on Halloween. Tomorrow we’ll cover the rest of the week, which also features a few inbound highlights.

Did you see something we missed or have any ideas? Let us know in the comments. Plus, as always, feel free to post your own shopping lists. Have a good search.

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Upcoming outings

UlverScary muzak | House of Mythology | Rock + Electronic + Ambient | Norway

This fundamentally surprising outing from Ulver includes five covers of classic John Carpenter tracks, as well as seven originals that move Ulver into the realm of horror soundtracks – honestly, it’s not that surprising or disruptive for the band at this. Stadium. It’s also instrumental and feels like a sort of intentional enterprise, full of rich synth grooves and spooky vibes.

–Ted Nubel

Beyond the GraveDeadly Abyss | Temple of Mystery | Death Metal | Canada (Quebec, Quebec)

Visibly old school old-school death metal, if that makes sense. The unpleasant Beyond Grave take on the genre is less about trying to clone a guitar sound or writing riffs that evoke a particular era, and more about being simply a sepulchral expression of all that death metal was best. when he first mutated – and that includes being good at slow and coarse (as well as fast and coarse) mutilations.

–Ted Nubel

AwfulSpectral Creator | Awakening records | Death + Thrash Metal | Poland

Death / thrash can be a punishing and annihilating affair, but sometimes it can also be like this: mysterious and complex, trapping listeners in a maze of fleeting riffs and melodies that warrant further investigation.

–Ted Nubel

JointhuggerSurrounded by vultures | Majestic mountain records | Stoner + Doom Metal | Norway

Extract from Ted Nubel’s feature film yesterday:

Bursting with surreal warmth, the second album by Norwegian band stoner doom creates an immersive soundscape full of fuzzy magic, overwhelming grooves and surprising technicality, delivering big riffs (a requirement for any metal band with a pun of drugs in their name, really) and psychedelic jams. And after all, what better party to greet devil’s lettuce?

Explore the dungeonsRide for your life | Independent | Thrash Metal | United States

Thrash wouldn’t normally be my first thought for a Dungeons and Dragons inspired project, but there’s clearly something to the mix, as Dungeon Crawl’s feature debut nails the action from the siege to your pants feeling the game, despite being often minutely turn-based, forwards. Rumbling vocals and retro thrash riffs blend into a craggy tale of dice-driven annihilation.

–Ted Nubel

AsenheimWohin das Herz uns führt | Production of Narbentage | Black metal | Germany

Asenheim tries his hand at dungeon synth, featuring black metal clad in hard rock draperies, and the Norwegian second wave black metal cult, making Wohin das Herz uns führt play as the compilation of the biggest hits of the style.

–Colin Dempsey

When the deadbolt breaksLike Hope Valley Burns: Praise | Electric Greenhouse Discs | Sludge Metal + Doom Metal | United States (Connecticut)

It’s the intersection of enchanting, atmospheric rock and overwhelming doom metal. When The Deadbolt Breaks tries to play as slowly as possible, thickening the overall defeatism of the album.

–Colin Dempsey

TastingGore’s Death Tales | Independent | Brutal Death Metal | Italy

A brief, incredibly bloody little slice of death metal – every “tale” here revolves around horrific shit with short, precise durations, so the one-man-band riffs dissect their victims at a lightning pace.

–Ted Nubel

FairiesFairies | Independent | Mud + Metal Stoner | United States (Savannah, Georgia)

Shattering doom infected with a particularly deadly mud case: burst vocals and massive drums add rhythmic punctuation to ever-twisted riffs. It’s a very compelling combination and looks a bit like a retro take on the sludge… if we’re able to accept that it’s now a genre old enough to allow it.

–Ted Nubel

HeksebladThe fall of Cintra | Independent | Black metal | United States

This version uses roomy and abrasive black metal with soft synth touches to capture the fantastic world of The Witcher, which seems quite well suited for a black metal interpretation.

–Ted Nubel

Tear stainThe perception of grief | Poisonous Witchcraft | Black metal | United States (Las Vegas, NV)

Piercing leads augment the brittle and icy black metal that rages throughout this record, which uses its lively hostility to penetrate even deeper the tragic side of its sound.

–Ted Nubel

WitnessesCollapse | Independent | Melodic Doom Metal + Ambient | United States

It’s not all scare and scare in the realm of October 31st releases – Witnesses’ latest album is a moody slab of melodic doom with a contemplative voice and rhythm at odds with, but augmented by, the powerful sounds that shape its riffs.

–Ted Nubel

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