PyroGenesis completes NexGen metal powder production line


Montreal-based metal powder producer and plasma torch specialist PyroGenesis has announced that its NexGen additive manufacturing powder production line is now complete and producing powders.

PyroGenesis’ NexGen Plasma Atomization System is capable of producing metal powder for 3D printing at a rate of over 25 kg / hr, and there are reportedly several ‘top’ aerospace companies and OEMs waiting. powder from the NexGen production line.

The company plans to run tests in the coming weeks to confirm batch consistency and plans to start shipping powders before the end of the second quarter of 2021.

“We have reached this milestone that many have been waiting for,” said P. Peter Pascali, CEO and President of PyroGenesis. “We are proud to announce today the launch of our state-of-the-art production line incorporating the never-before-seen benefits of our NexGen technology. “

Metal alloy powder. Image via PyroGenesis.

PyroGenesis NexGen technology

The NexGen Plasma Atomization System is a long-awaited upgrade to the original Plasma Atomization Process (PAP) invented by PyroGenesis in 1995, one of the few companies in the world to use this technique to make powders. metallic 3D printing.

The technology is used for both industrial waste disposal and the creation of fine metal powders for 3D printing, and is designed to deliver higher production rates and reduce waste, allowing PyroGenesis to produce materials at increasingly competitive prices. The system is also an important step in the industrialization plan of the company, which aims to produce materials around the clock.

Since its launch, the NexGen Plasma Atomization System has undergone several enhancements to achieve increased production rates and tighter particle distribution. According to PyroGenesis, the system “shattered” all known published plasma atomization production rates for titanium.

“It was important that we incorporated these improvements into our process before locking it down for commercial orders,” continued Pascali. “As such, we are now in a position to say that we are producing powders at production rates never seen before using plasma. We are proud to serve the additive manufacturing industry and, once again, to open the doors for further advancements. “

Fr Peter Pascali.  Photo via pyrogenesis.
Fr Peter Pascali. Photo via pyrogenesis.

Growth period of PyroGenesis

In January, PyroGenesis announced that it was entering a “phase of increased growth” and submitted a formal application for listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The application was approved a few months later and the company began trading under the symbol “PYR”, in the hopes that the move would boost the brand’s awareness among potential customers and its appeal to future investors.

The company has accelerated the commercialization of its patented plasma atomization process in recent years and accelerated its growth strategy to provide notable R&D developments, including the elimination of tungsten contamination from its materials and the launch of its NexGen system.

These activities appear to have had a positive impact on the company’s financial results, which forecast revenue growth of up to 367% in the fourth quarter of 2020, while also providing several benefits for 3D printer manufacturers to further optimize. their printer settings.

“While incorporating the NexGen improvements, it became clear that there were opportunities for further improvements in our downstream powder process,” said Massimo Dattilo, vice president of PyroGenesis Additive. “In addition to the increased production rates and yields offered by NexGen, the downstream changes that we have also incorporated into the process now allow even greater control of powder morphology, or more specifically shape and distribution. powder particles.

“This now gives AM printer manufacturers the ability to further optimize printer settings for faster manufacturing speeds and / or stronger end parts. “

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Featured Image Shows metal alloy powder. Image via PyroGenesis.

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