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Learn more about rates & fees

A bank will inquire about your situation, both income and expenses. You have a steady job with a stable income and no other loans. Then it is very likely that you will receive a loan. If you have other loans, a bank will look at how much room you have left for a new loan. The rule is that you can spend 1 / 3rd of your income on loans. If you borrow together with your partner, your joint income is already higher and you can also borrow more. If you work with an interim contract, a bank can be refused and cannot grant you a loan. For a bank, the risk must remain as low as possible and they must have certainty that you can continue to pay back the loan.

So take the wishes of the bank into account, provide all details with an application and you will soon receive an answer from the bank. If you make a request at a bank branch, it can sometimes be confirmed at the time whether or not you can get a loan. This is not always possible online, but you can already perform a simulation and thus do your own calculation. You can run a simulation like this on any bank website and it doesn’t cost you at all. You do as much as you want and for every amount, you can imagine. You have the option to choose an amount, the term and one-click later you see a monthly amount to be paid. That amount already includes all costs. PlusLend rates and fees show how many costs the personal loan will contain.

So, now you already know more about how things work and you can find the cheapest loan. A well-informed man or woman is worth two.

Make the right choice and go for the cheapest loan.

A loan can ensure that you can carry out a specific purchase. For example, for a car, house, washing machine and the like, you get the funds if you cannot cough up the amount yourself. But a bank will charge you for this. Those costs are woven into the reimbursement so that you do not notice it and do not feel it in your wallet, but you will pay it. How much those costs depend on the purchase you want to make. A personal loan will have a higher cost than a car loan. While a home loan currently has a very low cost or interest rate.

The interest is often a percentage stated on a loan. You can already guess, the higher that percentage, the more costs you have for that loan. Suppose you have a loan of 10,000 euros with an interest rate of 5%, then you ultimately pay back 500 euros in costs. If your loan runs for 4 years, you have paid 2000 euros in costs. Something to think about and keep it as low as possible. At 4 years you will not immediately feel it in your wallet, but if you consider it then 2000 euros in 4 years time quite a lot of money. You can just as well spend that money on a nice trip or new furniture. That is why it is best to look for a loan at the lowest costs.

So don’t let yourself be sold too quickly by attractive advertisements with supposedly low-cost loans. Search yourself or view the best loan deals that you can find at the moment. It is certainly worth the search because you can save you a lot of money. And that’s what it’s all about, a loan is an extra cost, so keep that cost as low as possible so that you can keep your monthly budget in order. For many people, the water is sometimes already at their lips, with an extra loan you sometimes have situations that are no longer tenable. So be well informed about a loan that you barely feel and that you can still make your purchase.