Shaded Silence watch Elgin – heavy metal style


A heavy metal video shot entirely in Elgin seeks to put the town on the map.

Shaded Silence filmed their promo for “Scent of a Woman” at various local locations – and the results really got them excited.

Andy Layton James, lead singer of the band, said: “We are absolutely thrilled.

“We insisted that the video be made in Elgin because that’s where the inspiration for the song came from.”

Among the atmospheric locations to feature are Braco’s Close, an alley near the town museum, whose cobbled stones and gaslights are both mentioned in the song’s lyrics.

The Plainstones, Lady Hill and the Cathedral were also filmed.

The other members of Shaded Silence are Chris Innes from Findhorn on guitar, John Gray from Turiff on drums and Neil Stewart from Abroath on bass.

Andy, who lives in Elgin, is well known locally as a singer.

He said: “I’ve always loved heavy metal music.

“Me and Chris first met when I was doing a gig at Silversands and came off stage after singing ‘Singing Child of Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses as an encore.

“Chris, who worked behind the bar, said he could lead the song on guitar.

“He only had an acoustic with him, but he played it perfectly.

“I was so impressed that I immediately said, ‘well, we’re a band’.”

The music for Scent of a Woman, which was recorded at Floortom Studios in Mintlaw, took more than two years to complete due to the pandemic.

By comparison, the video only took three days to make, although you’d never guess.

Produced by Light Engine Films, based near Sheffield, it stars Linda Dean who works at Elgin Cathedral.

Charlotte Johnstone from Elgin, as well as Jan Evans and Nuffster Rees, who both stay in Mosstodloch, are also filmed alongside the group.

Meanwhile, Andy’s acting experiences – which include appearances on Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks – also appeared in the video.

Shaded Silence are now looking to film a video in Lossiemouth for their song Dark Water which is about the Vikings.

They also aim to start playing by the end of the year.

The group would like to thank Reverend Deon Oelofse of St Giles Church, Moray Council, Brian Milne and Police Scotland, the Ex-Servicemen Club and the residents of Braco’s Close.

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