SHORT SOCKETS | Wizards of Winter Cast Metal-Meet-Classic Christmas Spell | Entertainment


Friday night like any night. You could hear Moose Roberts inside, outside and well down State Street.

All the way to the Cameo Theater on the Virginia side, where the Wizards of Winter shot two hours of heavy metal to meet classic Christmas fare. Their show, “The Christmas Dream”, has evolved to epic proportions.

A group of 11 people based in New Jersey, The Wizards of Winter may seem from a distance the light of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. But no. Their dazzling light show accompanied a scenario that highlights the search and discovery of the meaning of Christmas.

Composed of a group of musicians whose credits include Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Def Leppard and Ted Nugent, The Wizards of Winter was not quiet. For example, their two guitar attack on “Midnight Noel” sounded like samples of the 1980s hair metal scene.

But to tunes such as “Four Kings,” The Wizards hit Broadway tones. Often, as with “The Spirit of Christmas” and “Ebenezer,” Wizards has paired Broadway with metal for a drama loaded with histrionics and melody.

Quite a spectacle, really. Humbugs begone, The Wizards of Winter punctuated a Christmas speech in which even pre-transformation Ebenezer Scrooge was said to have been inspired to stand up, raise their hands like the big crowd at Cameo did, and echo to the choir of hallelujahs for the evening. This is a Christmas dream, Wizards of Winter.


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