The ASD is currently one of the most solvent groups in the Spanish financial market, consisting of Fiona, Draco Malfoy, Theon Grajoy and “Brann Stark”. It is an entity that has 3.6 million customers, which thanks to the SIP merger system will see few variations when going to your Caja de Vida, since first of all it seeks to respect the identity of each.

Currently in the section of private banking, the ASD offers seven personal loans with different characteristics so that they can adjust to the diverse needs of their clients, we will see them below.

With a fixed interest rate

Advance loan : with only having our salary in the ASD we can opt for this loan, with which we can obtain an advance of up to 3 payrolls for a maximum amount of € 9,000.
The deadline to return it will be a maximum of 9 months.

Fixed rate personnel : the main characteristic of this personal loan at a fixed rate is that it does not have a limited amount and that the interest rate can be reduced depending on the amount we ask for.
We have up to 5 years to amortize it.

With variable interest rate

Car loan : is specially designed to finance a vehicle and offers to finance a maximum amount of € 30,000, which we can pay within a period of up to 7 years.

Extra loan : is a product designed to finance large projects, for which a larger amount of money is generally needed. For this reason, they give us a longer amortization period, which can reach 10 years.

Payroll Loan : to contract this product it is necessary that we have the payroll registered in the Bank, they will offer us an amount of up to € 60,000 and a term of up to 7 years to pay it.

Personnel variable type : in this case there is no limit on the amount we can ask and we will also have the advantage that the interest rate can be reduced depending on the money we ask, whatever the amount the maximum repayment period is fixed in 7 years.

All these loans are subject to the solvency assessment made by the entity on the client. We can find them on the ASD website , but if you want to receive more information you will need to contact them via the web, by phone (902 090 320) or through any of their offices.