The company plans to build a metal processing plant on virgin land in Margam, which would create 150 jobs


A company wants to build a metal processing plant in Margam, which could create 150 new jobs.

Neath-based Sandvik Osprey Ltd plans to build a 1,000 square meter facility with office space on 6 hectares of farmland near the Margam Green Power Plant.

If approved, the site would be operational for 24 hours, 6/7 days a week, according to a report by urban planning consultants Boyer. The document states that approximately 150 full-time employees “would be employed at the site on both shift and standard work schedules.”

The proposed development site, which contains fields, hedges and trees, is included as a “strategic employment site” in the Neath Port Talbot Council local development plan. It is immediately north of Heol Cae’r Bont, while the Margam Green Power Plant is located to the northwest of the site and the West Woodfuel Mill is to the southwest. .

The site is accessible from the A48 directly from the M4 Margam Junction 38 interchange.

The work that would be done at the plant would consist of smelting and atomizing raw materials to make metal powder used in other industries. Some of the metals that would be manufactured include stainless steels, aluminum alloys, and copper. Heat pump technology would be used to provide heat and hot water.

The proposed development site is located next to the Margam green power plant.

The buildings would have a maximum height of 19 meters and would consist of an operating building (18,250 square meters), administrative buildings and amenities (1,848 square meters). The development would also include around 300 parking spaces.

So far, Sandvik Osprey has requested a scoping opinion from Neath Port Talbot City Council and intends to submit a full planning request in due course.

Boyer’s report states that a “detailed air quality assessment” will be carried out and that the facility will produce “no external emissions or effluents” because the material produced will be “screened and classified in the ‘air”.

It reads: “The construction and operation phases of the proposed development will generate waste. However, there is a clear understanding of what waste will occur and how it will be managed, which will therefore ensure that environmental impacts and costs are considered and minimized. .

“Powdered metal waste is recycled on site, while alloy waste is recycled off site and supplied as clean material. Refractory waste is sent off site for recycling. The other waste is sorted and sent for recycling. “

An ecology report found that the site’s habitats are suitable for foraging / daily movement and resting of bats, nesting birds, priority terrestrial invertebrates and common reptiles.


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