Upcoming Metal releases: 10/3 / 2021-10 / 9/2021


Here are the new (and recent) metal releases for the week of October 3, 2021 to October 9, 2021. Releases reflect proposed North American programming, if available. Expect to see most of these albums on shelves or in distributions on Fridays.

Did you see something we missed or have any ideas? Let us know in the comments. Plus, as always, feel free to post your own shopping lists. Have a good search.

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Upcoming outings

Blood red throneImperial Congregation | Nuclear explosion | Death Metal | Norway

I wasn’t initially convinced by this release – it definitely seems a bit too breath-dependent and doesn’t do anything new – but the band have a solid grasp of melody and have an odd ability to weave their chuggy riffs into it. these melodies to create interesting song structures.

–Ted Nubel

TriviumIn the Court of the Dragon | Roadrunner Records | Metalcore + Thrash + Heavy Metal | United States (Orlando, Florida)

Yeah … I don’t know about it. If you think you want to listen to Trivium in 2021, I remind you that you can always listen The crusade It’s okay.

–Ted Nubel

Walled City of KowloonPiecework | Neurot Recordings | Mud + Noise Rock | United States (San Francisco, California)

On their first album in six years, Kowloon Walled City puts neither noise nor rock in noise rock. Instead, their latest single “Piecework” is an example of empty nightclub. It’s sparse and brittle, like exploring the ruins of the town of the same name.

–Colin Dempsey

Atræ BilisApexapien | 20 Buck Spin | Death Metal | Canada (Vancouver, BC)

The jagged, intra-dimensional riffs of Atræ Bilis’ long-awaited debut feature are up to the task of splitting your brain into multiple chunks. It’s “thoughtful” death metal, of course, but only while you’re still capable of it. having thoughts.

–Ted Nubel

AldaA distant fire | Eisenwald | Atmospheric Black Metal | United States

Alda merges black metal and folk in a heartwarming and melancholy experience – A distant fire it’s not the first time they’ve done it, but it doesn’t mean that four albums are less powerful.

–Ted Nubel

The Black SongThe Satanic Society of Dead Poets | Personal files | Black metal | Brazil

Heavy gothic overtones on this one, like you can’t say it by the name The Satanic Society of the Dead Poets. The swirling synths, the organ centerpiece and the snarling vocals sell the album’s greatness, to the point that the closing chorus of “OH SATAN” is the only way a track like “Prayer to Satan” could fit. to end.

–Colin Dempsey

Black sitesFalse | Independent | Heavy + Progressive Metal | United States (Chicago, Illinois)

From the premiere of Ted Nubel’s “Sword of Orion”:

On their next album False, Black Sites forges a progressive assault that hits deep with clever riffs and soaring melodies, continuing their uniquely elevated heavy metal brand that goes beyond retro cult. While it retains the classic appeal of the two-guitar eye-catching metal, False captures not only the heart but the imagination as well as it explores the incredibly lucrative potential of enriching the experienced with heavy instrumental prowess and an ear for tasty hooks.

Antichrist siege machinePurifying blade | Deep Knowledge Files | Black + Death Metal | United States (Richmond, Virginia)

Engaged in an uncompromising aesthetic without subtlety, Antichrist Siege Machine’s second feature film continues its deliberate assault on the senses, hammering blasphemous riffs at home with a gnarled voice and a snare that never fails.

–Ted Nubel


Terrifying deathThe edge of existence | eOne | Death Metal + Hardcore | United States (Denton, Texas)

At this point, I almost automatically go into any Texan death metal band with high expectations, and Creeping Death certainly doesn’t disappoint. Surrounded by massive vocals, their death metal / hardcore mix produces plenty of wicked riffs and headbang-friendly riffs, as well as departures into weirder progressive territory reminiscent of wild experimentation with early classics in the genre.

–Ted Nubel

Devil’s ReefA whisper from the cosmos | The era of craftsmen | Technical Death Metal | United States

Although the album cover is an obvious homage to Massacre From beyond (I hope it’s intentional!), it’s definitely not old-fashioned death metal; instead it’s a technical death metal offering with solid lead work and interesting riffs that sometimes dip into classic styles … oh, and it’s all nautical themed, if it wasn’t obvious.

–Ted Nubel

HegemonSidereus Noncius | Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions | Black metal | France

Fiercely philosophical, Sidereus Noncius is in a state of constant schism between piercing insight and bitter detachment: icy and inhuman riffs contrast with mysterious melodies.

–Ted Nubel

Jinn forestWendigo | Independent | Black metal | United States

Forest of Jinn fits into the rarely trodden pocket between NWOBHM and first wave black metal. There is no brilliance here, just a burst of ’80s riffs and four floor drums. It’s nostalgia bait rather than derivative, and it’s a compliment.

–Colin Dempsey

Outer skyIn tribute… | Relapse records | Death + Doom + Hardcore | United States

A nice collection of death and grind covers to prove Outer Heaven’s supremacy – all streaming now, as they are!

–Ted Nubel

SthenoWardance | 7 Degrees Records | Black Metal + Grind | Greece

There is something pure about Stheno’s grindcore. Maybe it’s their dedication to the theater of war (as evidenced by the album covers and song titles), maybe it’s their disinterest in everything but speed, or maybe it’s just that. ‘they are only there to commit acts of violence.

–Colin Dempsey

The breathing processlabyrinth | The era of craftsmen | Blackened Death Metal | United States

The huge amount of “extras” The Breathing Process puts into their music seems to overwhelm the death metal at the heart of it – we’re talking about symphonic stuff, black metal and some basic stuff. This works however, providing enough sensory overload and interesting moments that your brain ignores the fact that it doesn’t really know how to categorize this without pulling out a whiteboard.

–Ted Nubel

KnifeKnife | Productions of dying victims | Heavy + Black + Speed ​​Metal | Germany

From the premiere of “Inside the Electric Church” by Brandon Corsair:

Dirty black speedpunk is a favorite of mine when done right, and cult German label Dying Victims Productions has a special ear for it. Their latest offering is from their fellow German Knife, whose sharp aesthetic (seriously, no pun, just look at that beautiful bladed logo!) Worship at the twin altars of Venom and Motörhead.

WildernessLike creatures seeking their own forms | Napalm discs | Epic + atmospheric Black Metal | United States (Akron, OH)

The debut of Untamed Land was one of the best implementations of “western” sound in atmospheric black metal, and it has only gotten better since then. Epic organ lines and percussion blend with creatively textured black metal for a truly unique take on the genre.

–Ted Nubel

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