Research has shown that many people regret their loans; because of the high interest rates or an income reduction due to job changes. Consumind Finance recently started saving savings on current loans. For example, we helped a client this month to reduce the interest on the current loan and ensured that he repaid the loan 34 months earlier. This has yielded a saving of € 1,120, – !

Lowering interest from loan and repaid earlier

This month we came into contact with a customer. He had a credit of € 10,000 with an interest rate of 8.7%. Of this credit, € 7,000 was still open to repay. With his lender, he had to repay € 100 each month in 91 installments. This means that he still had to pay € 100, – x 91 = € 9,100 for the loan.

Thanks to the help of our expert employee, the customer now pays 5.8% interest to another lender for the loan. Mr. will pay the € 7,000 in 57 installments, by paying € 140 per month. In the new situation he therefore pays 57 x € 140 = € 7,980 for the loan.

The customer has two advantages thanks to this change: he has been relieved of his loan 34 months earlier and pays € 1,120 less for the loan.

Do you have a current credit, personal loan, credit cards or outstanding amounts with mail order companies such as Wehkamp? We would also be happy to help you save on your loans free of charge , so that you have more money left and / or have previously repaid the loan.